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What are Impotence Causes?

In order to deal with male impotence, it is necessary to know its causes. There are several reasons, and each is treated by various means. However, there are types of this disorder, which practically are not considered diseases, and instead treatment it makes sense to simply take stimulants. Let’s consider this matter in details.

Organic Causes of Impotence


In total there are approximately five organic causes: medicamental, endocrine, local, vascular and neurological. These are the so-called organic causes of impotence, but among them there is a group of reasons, which is caused solely by psychological factors, it is the very one that is the most common. Organic disorders are usually accompanied by psychological reasons.

Psychological Causes of Impotence

One of the main reasons of poor erection or its absence is depression or prolonged stress. Also potency is adversely affected by: fatigue, malaise, bad mood, difference in sexual habits and dissatisfaction with partner and fear of sexually transmitted diseases. For full sex you should definitely provide safe and secure environment. Make sure that nothing will distract you from upcoming sex.

Selective impotence is a condition when a man can not have normal sex with one partner, but does it with others.

First meeting syndrome is failures appear only during the first time you have sex, but following attempts are good. Correct partner’s behavior is very important here.

Condom rejection – a man can not perform sexual intercourse with a contraceptive.

Unstable, too perceptive mentality – when one failure is so remembered that it can make a man impotent even in his youth!

How to distinguish organic impotence from psychological disorders? It’s pretty simple. If penis has normal erection during masturbation or uncontrolled erection in the morning, then organic is OK and the reason for failures lies in man’s psyche. Alcohol, drugs and all that suppresses cerebral cortex – contributes to erectile dysfunction manifestation. Especially it is necessary to warn against masturbation abuse, which can replace need for full communion with a woman at constantly masturbating man.

Aphrodisiacs for Men

First of all it should be said that natural aphrodisiacs has always been a special food, and there were recipes, such as King Henry de Navarre menus and others. In general cases, it is spicy and fatty foods, sometimes with special stimulating products. Just keep in mind that you should not load up before sex, otherwise you will be digesting food for a long time instead of sex itself. Light salad and a glass of wine – that will be enough. Between sexual contacts (during breaks) you can eat something nutritious in small quantities in order to replenish exhausted forces.

Today Canadian Family Pharmacy https://canadianfamilypharmacycorp.com/ will talk about modern means to treat impotence.

Cialis Pills

CialisToday it is considered the best means to fight with impotence. Canadian Pharmacy Cialis belongs to a group of so-called PDE-5 inhibitors, which allow penis muscles to relax and fill with blood, causing erection. Also the drug is used as stimulator for men.

Canadian Cialis can be taken with alcohol, unlike other drugs it will continue to be effective. Pills action is evident after 20 – 30 minutes, and lasts for 36 hours.

Erection occurs only in case of intimacy with partner which will not put you in an awkward position at a party, at work or in public transport. Original Cialis is quite expensive, but you can buy its full analogue – Indian drug «generic Cialis», which is more affordable.

Viagra Pills

viagraThe most famous and perhaps the oldest of all analogues. Sometimes it is even used for prevention and treatment of male impotence. Canadian Pharmacy Viagra action starts after 30 – 60 minutes and lasts for about 4 hours. Erection also comes only in case of intimacy with partner.

Canadian Viagra improves blood circulation in pelvic, and it gradually leads to sufficiently strong natural erection. Viagra, like Cialis, is an expensive drug, but now you can buy Indian «generic Viagra», made according to the same technology.

Active ingredient is the same – sildenafil citrate. Generic Viagra contributes to blood flow to penis and prevents its outflow, improving erection. In addition, the brain produces oxytocin – substance, stimulating affection. Caution must be taken when taking Canadian Pharmacy Viagra by people with blood vessels and heart problems, those who suffer from high blood pressure.

Levitra Pills

levitraThe drug belongs to PDE-5 group, which showed more than 2-fold increase in erection duration. The most comprehensive drug, 92% of subjects observed good erection at initial dose of 10 mg.

The drug takes effect about half an hour after administration and acts for 8 – 12 hours. Canadian Levitra also increases subsequent erection duration. There is also a cheaper Indian analogue – generic Levitra.

Today Canadian Pharmacy Levitra is considered the safest drug for health. Before taking the above listed drugs is still better to consult a doctor.