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We Want a Baby! Canadian Family Pharmacy Guide on Pregnancy Planning

Pregnancy planning is an important time in the life of every woman. It is important that the couple has an ally in the face of a doctor in this period, who conducts the survey and helps give birth to a healthy baby.  Canadian Family Pharmacy takes care of your health and offers a wide assortment of preparates which will help maintain women’s health and recover after the pregnancy. But it’s also important to check you necessity to take some special medications before and during pregnancy.baby

Thinking about family replenishment, future father and mother must first take care of their health, so that the process of pregnancy could proceed normally and they could give a birth to a strong kid. Complex diagnostic inspection is necessary for all women and men who dream of a child, because a healthy son or daughter are born from healthy parents in the first place.

Of course, these days it is not easy to find people who have never fallen sick. But even in the presence of diseases, including chronic ones, the task of each pair is the right preparation for the pregnancy to maximize neutralize the harmful effects of diseases of parents to the baby’s health.

Happy parents and children

Responsible tasks of pregnancy planning must be carried out together with experienced physicians to avoid pregnancy problems. They will make tests and on the basis of their results will make a detailed map of the health of future parents based on identified violations and methods of correcting them. In addition, experts will also develop a personalized treatment regime before pregnancy, if necessary.

You should address only high-qualified doctors who can be trusted with the health and welfare of future children.

The pregnancy planning requires:

  • Professionalism of the doctor;
  • individual approach;
  • careful attention;
  • intensified health care.

Give yourself and your partner a little time, you can pass a comprehensive examination and approach to the issue of pregnancy planning incomplete readiness.

How to choose a clinic for pregnancy planning? Canadian Family Pharmacy advice

  • There should be the high level of diagnostic and treatment facilities;
  • you should be offered a comprehensive examination of men and women, including various tests;
  • the clinic must have a guaranteed consultation not only by gynecologists but also urologists and other physicians;
  • clinic doctors should possess the most modern diagnostic techniques and correction of sexual diseases and other spheres to help patients cope with infertility.

Examination of the future mother

womandoctorPregnancy and childbirth is the happiest time in a woman’s life, but they also test the female body for strength, seriously impacting all vital organs. During pregnancy, heart, kidneys, liver and other internal organs are working for two people. Nervous, immune and endocrine systems suffer great stresses.

To prepare for pregnancy, you need to make a plan for doctor visits and to implement it in six months, or at least not earlier than two or three months before the expected pregnancy to avoid pregnancy problems.

A visit to the gynecologist

Planning a pregnancy it’s necessary to consult a gynecologist first of all. You need:

  1. Pelvic examination;
  2. pelvic ultrasound;
  3. colposcopy;
  4. check-up for cervical and endometrial disease entities in the ovaries.

According to the results of research, the doctor may prescribe treatment for adenomyosis, fibroids or endometrial hyperplasia.

A visit to a therapist

Even if you do not complain of health, if you are full of energy and have already chosen the name of the future child and think that you do not need a doctor, it is still recommended visiting a therapist. You need to:

  • pass urine and blood samples;
  • measure blood pressure;
  • undergo chest X-rays to determine the blood group and Rh factor.

If you have a chronic disease, discuss your future pregnancy on their background with the doctor and find out which medicines can be taken while carrying the baby. The doctor may also prescribe you effective vitamins to improve a woman’s general condition, as vitamin deficiency can be dangerous to the organism.

Treatment at the dentist

Many have heard that a pregnant woman and a woman who has recently given birth to a child, deteriorate the dental health, as the baby “pulls” the nutrients from the woman’s body. But not everyone knows that the untreated teeth and cavities can cause harm to the future child. Therefore, dental health is obligatory before pregnancy.Toxoplasmosis, rubella, cytomegalovirus, herpes are the most dangerous infections for the future child. All of them are included in the concept of TORCH. Infection of these infections during pregnancy can lead to defects in the baby, so the woman needs vaccination.

Screening for detection sexually transmitted infections

Before planning pregnancy you also need to ensure that you have:

  • no ureaplasma;
  • no mycoplasma;
  • no viral hepatitis B;
  • no syphilis;
  • no HIV;
  • no gonorrhea.

The doctor takes a normal smear on the flora and PCR, enzyme immunoassay and culture for the presence of infection with the definition of sensitivity to antibiotics.

Visiting a genetic doctor

There are cases when it’s necessary to address a genetic. What are they?

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Examination of the future father

manThe examination of a man will help identify the diseases that can affect the possibility of conception. First of all it is necessary to address the urologist.

Semen Analysis

Investigation of semen will help to define concentration, motility and sperm structure. According to the results, the doctor makes conclusions about:

  • man’s fertility;
  • functioning of the testes;
  • prostate gland functioning.

Material for this study is collected in special disposable containers in a clinic.

Other Male Tests Needed before Conception

During the consultation, the therapist will certainly advise the future father to:

  • do a complete blood testing, urinalysis, blood chemistry and a blood test to determine blood type and Rh factor;
  • undergo tests for HIV, syphilis and hepatitis B and C;
  • check the work of the endocrine glands;
  • check the level of testosterone (lack of testosterone may cause infertility);
  • test the insulin and gonadotropins levels.

In the presence of the male complaints about discomfort in the perineum, he may be prescribed the analysis of the secretion of the prostate. This research reveals inflammatory processes in the prostate gland, and choose an effective treatment.

Remember that the probability of conception in the selected date and successful birth of a healthy baby is dependent on both parents. For this reason, planning of pregnancy requires a responsible approach from both the mother and the father. The main thing is to get professional help timely.

It’s recommended to undergo all the necessary tests as quickly as possible to significantly reduce the risk of any problems with child-bearing. Experienced doctors will answer all questions, help, support future parents, that means do everything for you to give a birth to a healthy and strong baby.

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The article is released by Canadian Family Pharmacy professional team.