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Vitamin deficiency and its types

Vitamin deficiency is a painful condition, which has specific features and developing as a result of prolonged monotonous and unbalanced diet in which the body does not get the necessary vitamins.

People tend to be more susceptible to the disease in the spring, after a long, cold winter. This is due to the fact that in winter the food is not rich in vitamins. If you start to notice that a healthy glow on the face disappeared without a trace, and the energy and flow of positive ideas are replaced with apathy, lethargy, drowsiness and, even worse, loss of appetite – most likely, you are in a treacherous net of avitaminosis.

avitaminosisSymptoms of vitamin deficiency, at first glance, are obviouse for everyone, but on closer inspection turn out to be not so unambiguous. Sometimes they indicate not the lack of vitamins, but some more serious problems in the body.

Of course, you’d better speak with a doctor in case of vitamin deficiency, but most people are very concerned about the question of how to recognize this illness and distinguish it from other, more serious diseases?

This is not an easy task, as the lack of a particular vitamin is always manifested in its own manner, depending on a number of factors affecting this, but everything gets better if you have some information concerning this disease.

Symptoms of avitominosis: general information

If you ask an ordinary doctor, how many health complaints he has to listen to on a daily basis from people of all ages, he, probably, will only sign, but will not tell the exact number. As a rule, complaints are very similar: headache, fatigue, lethargy, nausea, drowsiness, frequent colds.weak

These symptoms may indicate completely different diseases, including avitaminosis – no wonder that a huge number of people diagnose this disease themselves. What are other typical characteristics (except for the above symptoms) of vitamins deficiency disease, and how to understand that you may already have “lost” some of the vitamins required for the normal functioning of the body?

First of all, this disease is reflected in the condition of the skin. Paleness, weakness, dryness, itching, inflammatory reaction and even the appearance of pustules are faithful companions of vitamin A deficiency, and immediately noticeable to the naked eye.
A women note: constant problems with the skin of the lips may also be indicators of a lack of vitamins. If you are not allergic to cosmetics and a hygienic lipstick can not save you, then probablu you suffer from avitaminosis. In case of vitamin deficiency your nails can begin to flake and break, and even the best master of manicure will not be able to rectify the situation (but rather advise to consult a doctor). Hair also receive less nutrients and become dull, brittle, prone to loss.

Vitamin deficiency adversely affects the function of the gastrointestinal tract and nervous system: a person becomes susceptible to depression, irritability; digestive system indicates constipation, various kinds of disorders, the taste preferences can change.

All of the above symptoms, of course, are not unconditional symptoms of avitaminosis. Such signs may indicate thyroid and gastrointestinal diseases, and various types of dermatitis and other pathologies – and that is the problem. It is important to understand that each specific vitamin deficiency symptom indicates a lack of the certain vitamin in the body.

Types of avitaminosis

vitamins33Vitamin deficiency of vitamin A. This vitamin plays an important role in the normal functioning of eyes, so its deficiency causes violation of the visual analyzer. The “night blindness” (deterioration of twilight vision), dry mucous membrane of the eyes (gritty, burning, discomfort). This vitamin is also important for skin. If it is missing, the skin becomes dry, with small abscesses and inflammation, it can be shelled. In case a child has a of vitamin A lack, his development may be slowed down and there may be disturbances in the nervous system. Also this type of vitamin deficiency will decrease the immune system, which is fraught with increased morbidity.

Vitamin B deficiency, associated with lack of vitamin B group will be manifested by insomnia, mood swings. There are disorders of the digestive system in the form of constipation or diarrhea, appetite disorders. The mucous membrane of the mouth is inflamed in this pathology.

Lack of vitamin C may be indicated through the increased fatigue, decreased performance, drowsiness, reduced resistance to infections. Also it reduces the skin’s elasticity. A small shock will form a significant bruising and bruising. Eyesight will be deteriorating. An extreme form of vitamin C deficiency may lead to Scurvy disease development, the main feature of which will be bleeding gums and tooth loss.

Lack of vitamin D
will likely cause disturbances in the musculoskeletal system. If we talk about children, they will have development of rickets, fatigue, sweating, formation of the skeleton and teeth will be troubled. Adults, due to the lack of this vitamin, are likely to suffer from brittle bones, pain in the musculoskeletal system, tooth decay. It is important to remember that the lack of this vitamin can cause the development of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and even cancer.

With a lack of vitamin E, the body reproductive organs are disrupted, also we may observe changes in the liver – fatty degeneration of its cells.

With a shortage of vitamin PP the digestive system suffers in the first place. There may appear an sudden aversion to food, there will be a dryness of the mouth, vomiting. In addition, significant violations will occur in the stomach. Thus, this organ will cease to secrete gastric juice. The general condition is much worse. In addition, the violation will be visible on the skin. The skin becomes rough to the touch, there will be areas of depigmentation.

Since the main cause of vitamin deficiency remains unbalanced diet, the main measure of its treatment is just the correction of the diet. Proper nutrition, by the way, will be the measure of prevention of the condition.

So, first of all, it must be said that the basis of the diet should be simple products with the minimum possible culinary processing. You should eat porridge whole grains, and bread made from wheat flour. Of course, we should not forget about a variety of fruits and vegetables, which are necessary for our organism proper functioning. And, of course, meat products can not be excluded from the diet.

Also, synthetic vitamins may be used for the correction of your health condition , but it is better to give preference to food products.

Vitamin deficiency in the skin

skinVitamin deficiency in the skin affects the appearance of the person not the best way and causes considerable harm. If your skin becomes pale, dull, there are signs of inflammation and irritation, it is necessary to think about your health. Lack of vitamins A, C and E leads to the appearance of acne on the body, so you should include in your diet foods that contain these vitamins (animal and vegetable oils, fruits, vegetables).

Lack of vitamins A, C and E and D leads to cracking, peeling and dryness of the skin. Excessive dryness causes not only premature aging but can develop serious diseases. If some areas of the body are covered by the “goose bumps” and dark spots appear, you need to consult a doctor, as these symptoms point to the development of serious diseases.

B2 deficiency contributes to the increased secretion of the sebaceous glands, acne, diffuse redness and spider veins, which seriously affect the skin. Often, the lack of riboflavin starts depression, nervous disorders, exacerbated gastritis and reduced vision. Lack of this vitamin can be replenished by eating cabbage, tomatoes, eggs, fish, apricots. Riboflavin is also found in oatmeal, mushrooms, yeast, legumes and whole-grain bread.
Vitamin deficiency of vitamin E leads to the formation of skin stretch marks, both women and men. In this case, it is recommended eating foods rich in B6 and E.

Vitamin deficiency in the arms is accompanied by the symptoms:

  • deficiency of A, C, E, D;
  • dry skin;
  • peeling (read more);
  • cracking and itching.

Damaged skin areas becomes inflamed and does not heal for a long time, what worries a sich person. Often we may observea lot of wrinkles, and the nails become brittle and weak.

In case of such symptoms you should take multivitamins, and eat a variety of products that contain A, C and E. These vitamins are found in vegetable oils, fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy products, bread and nuts.

Vitamin deficiency at children

child tiredChildren, just like adults, often suffer from vitamin deficiency, so parents need to know how avitaminosis manifests. Decreasing activity, decreased immunity and appetite loss are the first signs of vitamin deficiency. Symptoms of vitamin deficiency in children with vitamin A deficiency occur dry skin, rash and pustules, which are difficult to healt. There is dryness of mucous membranes of the mouth and nose.

Deficiency of B1 and B2 is manifested in a child’s appetite loss, weight is reduced rapidly, there is growth retardation, seizures. There are spots and cracks on the skin like eczema.Deterioration may be observed in the nervous and cardiovascular systems.

Lack of calcium and vitamin D can cause rickets development, which leads to serious problems with the musculoskeletal system in the future. Bleeding gums, heavy bleeding from the nose, frequent bruising on the skin are the signs of avitaminosis with a deficiency of vitamin K. The severe form of the disease can lead to brain hemorrhage.

Symptoms of avitaminosis with a lack of vitamin C also point to numerous children’s health problems. Lack of ascorbic acid leads to scurvy (bleeding gums, broken teeth and fall), children become irritable, whiny, legs are swelling and heal slowly.

Lack of vitamin PP in childhood leads to severe weakness and fatigue. Signs of vitamin deficiency of nicotinic acid are diarrhea, dermatitis and dementia. Also, there is a crust covering the skin and the appearance of the characteristic bubbles. The skin becomes thickened and folded. A child’s tongue becomes bright red and inflamed.

Lack of B6 and B12 are also characterized by specific symptoms: weakness, loss of appetite, glossitis, stomatitis, hyperpigmentation of the skin and vitiligo. There may be seizures and dermatitis. In severe deficiency of pyridoxine and cyanocobalamin muscle atrophy and inhibition of reflexes may be ddeveloping. Also, there is a symptom of “lacquered tongue” and mental disorders.

Avitaminosis may be manifested in different ways depending on the human immune system, affecting any area of the human body. Therapist may identify specific vitamin deficiency using the necessary surveys and comparing symptoms. Each person should pay attention to the state of his health, which will help prevent such diseases as vitamin deficiency.
Now you understand the importance of vitamins and know the indicators of avitaminosis. Organize your nutrition correctly and you will always look healthy and feel great. In case you lack vitamins anyway, you may buy vitamins in form of syrup or pills. Canadian Family Pharmacy provides a great range of such preparates!