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Recovery after Childbirth: It’s Easy

Giving birth to a new inhabitant of our planet is a very honorable mission. Everyone admires motherhood, poets and writers compose odes to the mother: “Praise the woman – the mother whose love knows no barriers, whose breasts suckled the whole world!”. Canadian Family Pharmacy would like to point out the importance of health recovery after pregnancy.

Women’s health after pregnancymom

Birth of a child is great joy, both for the woman and for the whole family. Generally, the care of the little man completely absorbes a newfound mother, who in most cases is trying not to pay attention to her own, not always feel health condition. But this is wrong – a woman dooesn’t have a right to forget about herself and her health after giving birth to a baby. A strong, intelligent, enduring and successful man has to hae the same mothernext to him, the mother he can take an example of.

What can be done if a woman is constantly running out of time after the birth of a baby? She feels fatigue twenty-four hours per day and doesn’t want to look at herself in the mirror, beeing afraid to see an unattractive body, and also she gets new symptoms of chronic diseases.

The way out of this situation: you need to make a detailed plan to bring yourself up after giving birth and to fight existing diseases and aesthetic defects.

A happy mother is a healthy and beautiful mother

From the point of view of many women, the postpartum rehabilitation programs take much time, require hours of presence in hospitals or nursing homes, tortures in the health clubs and in general suit not every mom.

In fact, a properly designed program for the rehabilitation of women after giving birth always takes into account all the nuances of her state of health, medical history, breastfeeding process,child mode, and even the time frame a woman keeps in this difficult period of life. Such programs are offered by many experts, whose work is focused on the following tasks:

  • replenishment of vitamins and mineral deficiencies;
  • stabilization of the genitourinary system, menstruation recovery;
  • acquisition of the desired size and shape of the breast after feeding the baby;
  • proper care of the skin and body, moderate exercise;
  • complete restoration care of all internal organs and the elimination of disturbing symptoms.

tiredSpecial attention is being paid to the treatment of obstetric complications, including endometritis, postpartum pain, isolation and lactostasis. Also,doctors pay attetion to the stress of a woman who has recently given birth, and postpartum depression, which is very difficult to cope with. And, of course, many mothers need the help of a beautician who will tell them how to improve the condition of skin and hair after childbirth. It’s easier to restore vitality after childbirth in such clinics than doing it with your own efforts.

Addressing to such clinics, you can be sure – you will be offered an individual rehabilitation program, taking into account all your wishes. Experts are working seven days a week, including holidays, and will be able to coordinate their work so that you are able to attend the clinic at a convenient time.
Help of a gynecologist-endocrinologist

Consultation of a gynecologist-endocrinologist will help restore the functions of the uterus and vagina, return a normal menstrual cycle, choose the most suitable means of contraception and restore the tone of the internal muscles. Also, the doctor will check the hormones and warn a drastic weight loss, which can change the taste of mother’s milk for the worse and lead to lethargy and weakness of women.

The gynecologist-endocrinologist can find the cause of extra kilos by checking the work of the endocrine glands, Also the tips of a nutritionist will be of a great benefit – a young mother may find it difficult to choose her own daily menu, which allows to keep the figure in a good shape and not starve or overeat.

Depending on your condition, a gynecologist will recommend a period when it will be possible to return to the management of sexuality. As a rule, these terms are chosen strictly individually, so it makes sense to focus only on the advice of a doctor, not on the friends advice, loved ones, and the authors of the various articles in the media.

Particular attention is paid to restoration of women who has undergone caesarean section.

Help of a beautician, a massager and a trichologistbeauty

An experienced beautician will help get rid of age spots, which often pregnant women and young motherscomplain about. In some cases, skin pigmentation disappears by itself, about six months after birth, but if that did not happen – the services of various peels will help you, they will not leave any traces of the spots.

Beauticians offer a range of treatments that restore normal moisturizing of the face and body skin and return its elasticity, freshness and softness, reduce the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite. Be careful: nursing mothers are not recommended to undergo some types of wraps, mesotherapy (intradermal injections) and some other types of care, so after delivery it’s better to visit a cosmetologist not in the ordinary beauty center, but in the clinic, which offers restoration of your beauty, taking all the nuances into account .

baby3As the pregancy causes hormonal changes in the woman’s body, this often leads to hair loss in about two to three months after birth. In this situation a woman needs help of a trichologist – a specialist who studies the hair of the scalp and hair growth phase. He will recommend products and treatments that are designed to improve the condition of the hair is in the postpartum period.

A skilled massager restores skin turgor and can help relax your tense muscles and relieve your back, which is especially important in the daily need to carry the baby.

Stress after pregnancy termination and postpartum depression are often treated not serious, taking the mood of a depressed young mother for “whims”. But the painful psychological condition after giving birth may not only affect the woman herself and her relationship with her husband, but also weaken the protective forces of the child, which is very sensitive – mom is going through some stress, she feels uncomfortable.

The therapist will remove the anxiety symptoms, return you a good mood and teach relaxation techniques. As a result of just a few sessions, the world of a young mother can tune in very different colors, and the daily cares and problems will seem not so insurmountable.

Also there are other services offered to young mothers – aid proctology, mammologists, medical gymnastics, sexologists, physiotherapists and physicians of many other specialties.

Every woman who gave birth to a child, is worthy of worship. And the task of experts is to help her to recover after childbirth, to reveal her charm and gain confidence in her abilities.