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Questions, Women Ask Sexologists

For some, sex is common issue, while others treat it with caution. And all because of lack of basic knowledge. For this reason, many women do not get maximal pleasure and some even do not get anything and perceive sex as marital duty. There are many questions on this delicate subject, and some of them are very popular. Canadian Family Pharmacy https://canadianfamilypharmacycorp.com/ will try to answer them.

Most Frequently Asked Question by Women

QuestionsWhy husband starts to masturbate in the bathroom?

No need to make hasty conclusions. Statisticians have calculated that constant partner is not a reason to give up masturbation for 85% of men. If such «solo performances» do not affect your intimate life, the quality remains the same and sex is the same regular as earlier, then there is no reason for concern.

Men often come back tired from work, and they do not always have desire to «perform» in bed. At such times, they are more satisfied with «being on their own», which helps him to quickly get pleasure.

Much worse, if he regularly satisfies himself and holds you for special occasions. In such situation you need to gently talk to him: give a hint that for both it would be better if he stops wasting his sexual fervor and direct his energy on you.

Why is it necessary to be tested for sexually transmitted infections?

For some reason, many believe that «sex»-diseases threaten only ladies of easy virtue, having multiple lovers. In fact, you can even get infected by constant and the only partner.

Many diseases can not long be seen, they are asymptomatic, and the partner is not even aware that he is carrier of one of them. So before you give up using condoms, both partners need to get tested.

In addition, women should visit gynecologist and get tested if:

  • vaginal discharge increased;
  • their texture, smell or color changed;
  • there appeared itch or burning sensations in external genital organs.

Husband is watching porn movies, how to react?

Buy yourself popcorn, beer for him and join! And it’s not a joke, except that you can do it without these products. If a man likes to watch porn, it’s okay. Much worse when naked woman’s breasts or buttocks cause him no emotion at all.

Almost all men are visuals, primarily for them visual image, picture is important. Porn movies help them do in their fantasies such things, they would never dare do in real life. It’s a kind of an innocent sublimation.

If to wear two condoms at once, will it be safer?

With proper storage and use, one will be quite enough. To avoid possible problems when buying condoms you should look at expiration date, you must use only proven brands, choose the right size and not keep the product in extremely hot places.

Sperm is collected in condom’s tip, so when putting it on you must compress it with fingers, to let the air out. And most important – do not agree for proposals like: «Let’s do it without a condom in the beginning, and before I finish I will surely put it on.»

condomIs it normal that a woman doesn’t reach an orgasm with a man?

If orgasm does not happen either with a partner or during masturbation, this is a serious reason to consult gynecologist and sexologist. But if you achieve it easily by yourself, but not with your man, you should experiment a bit. For example, with foreplay duration, positions, process intensity.

Men are always ready for sex. Is it true?

No, male excitability depends on degree of fatigue, environmental conditions, time of the day and so on. After all, a spouse may just have a headache. Therefore, his refusal to have sex should not be taken as a personal insult.

The myth that men can have sex always and everywhere has negative effect on potency. Men very much try to correspond to macho image, and are in constant psychological stress, which can result in erectile dysfunction, i. e. impotence.

Why do some women not reach orgasm without additional stimulation?

Many men are sincerely convinced that it is enough to put in their «device», make some energetic frictions, and their partner will immediately scream with pleasure. If this does not happen, then there is something wrong with a woman. Such males should be avoided, because there are men who can take care of their partner’s pleasure. If sex without clitoral stimulation is not a joy, why hide it from a partner? Let him work on your «main point».