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Protection of the 21st century

Every woman has a favorite way to pregnancy prevention. However, this method may be not the best one.

The primary means of contraception all over the world is still abortion – almost every second pregnancy ends up in this way. We do not need to say as bad it is for us, for those we love and for our future children.

pills for womenWhat do we know about contraception?

Traditional “granny” contraception methods are gradually fading away (an interrupted intercourse, etc.) People still use a quite popular barrier (condom), chemical (spermicides) and mechanical (spiral) methods, a certain number of family couples refer to surgery.

These approaches differ in the degree of reliability and convenience.

According to experts, one of the reasons why people are doing so many abortions is that women do not often use methods such as hormonal contraceptives. The degree of awareness of contraceptive pills is low, there are many myths and misconceptions.

Often these prejudices are supported by the doctors because some of them got acquainted with the novelties of the pharmaceutical market, when they were in high school – 10, 20, 30 years ago.

According to Canadian Family Pharmacy research, the most popular contraceptives are combined oral contraceptives (combined hormonal) – these are preparations containing the natural female hormones: estrogen and progestogen.

contraception pillsTheir action is based on the natural reactions of the female body to hormonal signals. Combined oral contraceptives prevent ovulation, that is, prevent the maturation and release of the egg. Furthermore, they thicken the so-called cervical mucus, which is in the cervical canal, making it impenetrable to sperm, and alter uterine mucosa so that the fertilized ovum cannot be attached to its surface.

Progestogens (read more) provide the protective effect – they suppress ovulation. Derivatives of estrogens are needed mainly to monitor the menstrual cycle.

The development of new drugs goes in the direction of reducing the dose of hormones and proximity of these substances to the natural ovarian hormones.

One of the latest generations of drugs, as close as possible to the female nature, is different from all previously existing birth control pills: it has a dosage, smoothly varying, depending on the day of the cycle and the natural rhythm of the release of hormones. The packaging contains 28 tablets, which hormone dose may decrease or increases, and the latter two tablet doses contain zero hormones content.

The latest generation of drug, which is close to the female nature, contains estradiol, which is identical to the natural estradiol – the one produced in the female body. The purpose of its creation was to improve the so-called safety profile and create a reliable contraceptive with minimal impact on the body. Such a preparation acts on the reproductive system softer and is easier tolerated by the body due to the low hormone content in each tablet.

This natural approach protects against pregnancy and allows you to control the menstrual cycle and establish it. The enstrual cycle becomes regular, short, with less intense secretions.

Studies have confirmed its minimal impact on all kinds of metabolism in the body, including hemostasis, carbohydrate and lipid metabolism and the liver.

To avoid unwanted side effects, you must first consult with a qualified gynecologist to identify possible contraindications to do a biochemical analysis of blood and coagulation. Particular attention should be paid to smoking women older than 35 years, as well as those who suffer from venous thrombosis, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease and overweight.

Special occasions (breastfeeding contraindications cocama language) may be rescued by mini-pills . Action of mini-pills is only a part of the mechanism of action of contraceptives: they do not always inhibit ovulation, but only act on the cervical mucus and prevent the consolidation of a fertilized egg in the uterus. Accordingly, they are not reliable, that is, their contraceptive effect is lower than that of the combined drugs and it’s very important to follow the time of their admission.

In contrast to the combined means, mini-pills have a lower cycle control, and intermenstrual bleeding tend to occur after their administration.

What is the effect of hormonal contraceptives?

contraceptionThe efficacy of oral contraceptives is assessed by Pearl Index: the probability of pregnancy should be less than 1 (which means that out of 100 women who take the drug within 1 year, only one woman may get pregnant).

Modern contraceptives guarantee results more reliable than one.

In addition to the contraceptive effect, combined oral contraceptives have a whole range of additional positive characteristics:

  • they regulate the hormonal balance of the body;
  • significantly reduce the volume of blood loss during menstruation, thus preventing development or reducing the symptoms of anemia;
  • contribute to the normalization of the irregular menstrual cycle.

Scientists have proved that oral contraceptives reduce the risk of development of malignant tumors in gynecological field. Women using hormonal preparations, 1.5 times less often hospitalized for inflammatory diseases of the uterus and appendages. Combined hormonal reduce the risk of ectopic pregnancy significantly.

In case of cancellation of oral contraceptives fertility (ability to conceive) is quickly restored.

Of course, as any drug, all forms of contraception (including hormonal) have its drawbacks and contraindications. This method of protection against pregnancy, like any other, should be chosen only after consulting a gynecologist. The doctor will help you choose the right one or the other drug based on individual indications and contraindications, the doctor will also explain the dosage regime and tell what tests a woman needs to pass before she starts taking the tablets.