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Myths and Facts about Erectile Dysfunction and its Treatment

Such an important topic for men is erectile dysfunction (impotence), surrounded by various myths. In this article we will deal with some facts and myths related to this problem. All these examples are scientifically proven. More fully about erectile dysfunction (impotence), you can read at Canadian Family Pharmacy website.

Erectile Dysfunction and Age

Myth: Erectile dysfunction is a normal part of male aging and men just have to learn to live with it.

Fact: It is possible to distinguish two different periods of male aging: middle age – between 40 and 65 years, and age after 65 years. Although erectile dysfunction is more common among older men, it cannot be considered «normal» for them. They just need more stimulation to get erection than it was necessary, when they were younger. There is no reason to put up with lack of sexual function, considering it one of inevitable consequences of aging. Many older people are able to achieve erection and enjoy sex.

erectile dysfunctionMyth: «I do not need erection anymore and accept my impotency.»

Fact: Potency is energy of every man’s soul. Impotence has a huge impact on male psyche and can lead to many different disorders. Up to suicide.

Fact: Testosterone level declines with age. After age of 40, it is reduced by about 1% each year. There are many articles about testosterone and erectile dysfunction that can be found on Canadian Family Pharmacy website.

Fact: The main symptoms of testosterone deficiency with age are:

  • decreased libido;
  • erectile dysfunction (impotence);
  • decreased physical strength and muscle mass;
  • increased fat tissue;
  • increased irritability and distraction;
  • tendency to depression.

Fact: Male abdominal circumference greater than 102 cm is a serious risk of cardiovascular disease occurrence (heart attack, blood stroke), diabetes and reduced testosterone level.

Myth: Impotence affects only elderly people.

Fact: Desire to have sex is not prerogative of young people only! Erection problems can occur at men of any age. Even among 20 – 30-year-old men 21% and among 30 – 40-year-olds 27% are suffering from erectile dysfunction!!!

Myth: Penis length is crucial to make woman achieve orgasm.

Fact: Penis thickness is more important!!! Famous female «G» spot does not exist. Nevertheless, it is known that 1/3 of vaginal vestibule is very richly provided with nerve endings and highly sensitive to external stimulation.

Erectile Dysfunction and General Health

Myth: Erectile dysfunction can be unpleasant, but it’s not dangerous.

Fact: Although erectile dysfunction itself is not necessarily dangerous, it is often one of early signs of other quite serious diseases. One of the most common major diseases is diabetes. Erection problems can also be a symptom of cardiovascular diseases (arterial hypertension and atherosclerosis), and also hormonal disbalance and neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease.

Therefore, if you have erectile dysfunction, it is important to see a doctor. A thorough medical examination will not only help to determine erectile dysfunction cause and to find ways to treat it, but also help to prevent more serious diseases, requiring immediate treatment.

So, if you are experiencing problems with erection, it is important to immediately consult a qualified physician for a complete physical examination and testing.

Myth: If you have problems with erectile dysfunction, it is due to the fact that your partner is not attractive to you.

Fact: The causes of problems with erection are numerous and one of them may be lack of sexual desire for partner. However, in fact, presence of other factors is more likely. Erectile dysfunction can be caused by:

  • heart problems, such as high arterial blood pressure, and atherosclerosis;
  • diabetes (35 – 50% of men with erectile dysfunction have diabetes);
  • different medicaments, including drugs for high arterial blood pressure, anxiety and depression;
  • neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease multiple sclerosis;
  • hormonal disbalance;
  • mood or emotional problems such as stress, anxiety and depression;
  • bad habits (smoking, alcohol and drug abuse);
  • certain types of prostate diseases.

Fact: Erectile dysfunction may be a first and very serious signal (warning) of existing (but still asymptomatic) ischemic heart disease and / or other cardiovascular diseases («penis is heart radar!»).

Erectile Dysfunction and Bad Habits

alcoholMyth: Alcohol increases sexual desire.

Fact: It is true that a small amount of alcohol can put you at ease and make sex enjoyable. However, alcohol is also a relaxing agent that can affect sexual desire. Remember, alcohol has systemic character, it affects the whole brain rather than its separate parts. Sexual desire starts in brain, in mind. If brain activity is weakened because of alcohol, sexual desire is also weakened.

Fact: Risk of potency disorders among smokers is 40% higher than among non-smoking men.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Fact: Unfortunately only 15 – 22% of men willingly take part in preventive examinations.

Fact: In case of potency disorders, only 15% of men seek for treatment. The reason is that they do not believe that they will be helped (they just do not have a slightest idea about possibilities). Unfortunately, this is the fact!

Myth: If you have erectile dysfunction, you have to take pills for the rest of your life.

Fact: Options for erectile dysfunction treatment are numerous. There are effective drugs to treat erectile dysfunction (learn more): medicines to increase blood flow to penis (Canadian Pharmacy Viagra, Levitra, Cialis and others), medications administered by injection directly into penis or suppositories inserted into urethra. Mechanical vacuum devices and surgical methods of treatment can also be helpful for people with problems with erection. Psychotherapy can also be an effective method for many men experiencing anxiety associated with erectile dysfunction.

As mentioned above, erectile dysfunction can be a result of such diseases as arteriosclerosis or arterial hypertension. Treatment of these diseases can help to solve your problems with erection. If medicine prescribed by a doctor causes erectile dysfunction as a side effect, ask him to appoint another drug. Do not stop taking medications before consulting your doctor. If pills do not help, keep in mind that drugs are not the only option in erectile dysfunction treatment.

You can also change your lifestyle. Quit smoking, lose weight, reduce alcohol consumption – all of this can greatly improve your sexual potency and solve problems with erection.

Fact: Pills for potency (Canadian Viagra and others) do not work for 35 – 40% of men. In addition, they have a number of side effects (hearing loss, vision problems, nausea, severe headaches, priapism).

Fact: It is proved by physicians that 2 – 5% minoxidil (Regaine) or 1 mg finasteride (Propecia) drugs, which are effective in preventing baldness process, are have decreased libido as one of side effects.

Fact: Anabolic steroids (chemically modified testosterone molecules) can be dangerous and harmful to health.

Fact: Yohimbine is a substance extracted from African plant bark (Corynanthe yohimbe). It is used to improve potency for many centuries. Scientific studies have shown that yohimbine can actually be useful for mild forms of erectile dysfunction (especially if these disorders are psychological in nature, as this substance has a relaxing effect).

Fact: L-arginine as a dietary supplement, in proper (right) doses, can have positive effects in mild erectile dysfunction treatment.

Myth: «I can on my own, without doctor, cure erectile dysfunction using herbal medicines and supplements.»

Fact: You cause some risks when you try to take a variety of supplements to treat erectile dysfunction. The exact content of many additives, sold for erectile dysfunction treatment, is not known and it is possible that they may contain hazardous substances or ingredients that may interact with other medications that you take.

erectile dysfunction

In addition, many websites that sell drugs, do not informs customers about medication potential risks and side effects. And, of course, taking supplements without consulting a doctor means that you do not consider impact of diseases such as diabetes and cardiac diseases on erectile dysfunction development. Therefore, your best option for successful erectile dysfunction treatment is consultation with urologist.

Fact: Systematic physical exercise (at least 30 minutes of running, walking, Nordic walking, swimming, etc. or 30 minutes of other exercise every day) not only improve your condition and health, but also bring testosterone level to normal which allows you to increase and maintain potency.