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Means for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment and their Generics

Viagra, Cialis, Levitra – Which is Better?

Generic is a drug, sold under international non-proprietary or under changed brand name.

Why are generics cheaper than brand-name medications?
Generic and brand pills differ only in price. The point is that drug creation is a very expensive and time-consuming process. After it’s complete, manufacturing company, which released unique in its properties drug, obtains patent for its invention. Accordingly, only company which invented the drug is allowed to produce this medicine, and this explains its price.

However, after patent expires, any pharmaceutical company can produce the same drug and sell it at much lower price. Nobody has the right to disclose medicinal product composition before that time. At the same time raw materials and final product quality are not influenced by price, because generics are tested for compliance with the same standards as original drug.

erectile dysfunctionWhat is the difference between generic Viagra, Cialis and Levitra?
The most popular generics for «male power» restoration are generic Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. They are similar in their medicinal properties and are used for erectile dysfunction complex treatment, as well as for single-time potency increase.

A small comparative list of generic properties is presented below.

Generic Viagra:

  • acts 4 hours;
  • begins working 40 – 50 minutes after ingestion;
  • stimulates desire to have sex without break;
  • compatible with alcohol, when taken one hour before alcohol consumption;
  • causes powerful erection even by simple touch;
  • not addictive;
  • does not affect hormones.

Generic Cialis:

  • acts 36 hours;
  • visible effect 15 – 20 minutes after administration;
  • increases sexual desire (libido);
  • compatible with alcohol, if taken 15 minutes before alcohol consumption;
  • improves erection only during sexual intercourse;
  • not addictive;
  • does not affect hormones.

Generic Levitra:

  • acts from 5 to 12 hours;
  • effect appears 30 – 45 minutes after administration;
  • stimulates desire to have sex;
  • fully compatible with alcohol;
  • strong erection which appears even by simple touch;
  • not addictive;
  • does not affect hormones.

The most popular generic to increase potency.
According to statistics, men prefer to buy generic Cialis, which is related to its «softer» action in comparison with generic Viagra and Levitra. In addition, generic Cialis works much longer, which attracts buyers who want to restore their men’s health. And what will you choose?

Health Maintenance Tips

As statistics show – male longevity by about 15 years shorter than female. It is now women are more by one-tenth than men, and this trend is increasing with each passing year! Why do men live less?

First of all, men’s health is damaged by:

  • irresponsible attitude to oneself, to the body;
  • destructive habits such as smoking, alcohol addiction and others;
  • disordered and unbalanced diet;
  • sedentary pastimes.

Also, many men do not pay enough attention to their appearance, believing that self-care is a feature of fair half. But as we all know – fine dress helps to impress.

Therefore, we want to give the following tips to help you:

Remember that in woman’s eyes, a man, in the first place, is a commodity that must look attractive and fit her exacting taste. A gift attractive wrapper will be accepted with much more enthusiasm than in crumpled cellophane, no matter how wonderful it would be inside.

  1. Pay attention to your clothes.
    Try to keep your things in good condition, or, at least, clean and not crumpled. Ironed trousers, clean-smelling air-conditioned shirt or sweater, polished shiny shoes or clean, bright sneakers – this is just what you need! What if it is this turn that will bring you your one and only? Be prepared for it at any moment!
  2. Hair.
    No matter which hair are meant – on the head, eyebrows, hair in the nose, armpit, or even intimate zone – always keep them under control. If you decided to grow beard – do not leave everything without control. Follow accuracy of its contours, trim it. Do not let your hair stick out from nose or ears. Use special tools to remove them. Do not grow much hair on armpit or in groin. In our time it is not that natural and not every lady likes that. If you do not know how best to clean up mess on the head – trust this issue to specialist, go to a good salon and not in a social hairdresser around the corner, where an inexperienced trainee will cut your hair in haste.
  3. Smile, teeth, fingernails.
    Brushing your teeth in the morning and in the evening is a good habit. But this is definitely not enough. Use mouthwash and dental floss, after every meal if possible. But do not overuse chewing gum instead of it. Try to visit dentist not only when pain disturbs you, but also as a preventive measure. Semiannually. Take care of your toes and hands. Do not let nails grow too long and, especially, dirt accumulate under them. Cut them neatly. Even if you work with your hands, it does not serve as justification for terrible condition of your nails.

What about general health?

To feel good, be healthy and enjoy life, follow these rules:

  1. Examinations and prevention.
    If you stop to be guided by principle – «I go to the doctor only if I’m already ill» – and will try to detect problems their early development, it can significantly increase your longevity and make your life less difficult. Undergo regular health examinations. Preventing disease at its early stage is easier, than trying to cure it in neglected state.
  2. Exercise and active lifestyle.
    Remember that you will come to old age in good shape if you keep active lifestyle since adolescence. Especially that active lifestyle directly affects your potency. The more active you are when you are young, the longer you will be able to be sexually active.
  3. Proper nutrition and diet.
    Balanced and healthy diet is a guarantee of health. Do not take your lead from your desires, give up harmful fatty foods. Every day eat fruits and vegetables. Eat meat and fish. Do not make your stomach a factory for recycling junk. Check what gets on your table.

If you feel that «male» power gradually leaves you for some reason (stress, hard work, wild youth), you can count on generics, such as Canadian Pharmacy Viagra, Cialis or Levitra. Use them in proper doses and it will be absolutely harmless to your body. These drugs are designed to make a man feel like a king in bed with his lady!

Preparations for Potency Enhancement

ED pills

Group of drugs that improve potency include such medications as Canada Cialis, Viagra and Levitra. Their function is to improve efficiency of existing nitric oxide in the body, which has effect of relaxing cavernous bodies’ smooth and enhances blood flow, resulting in erection.

These drugs – Viagra and Cialis – do not have a directly relaxing effect. They prolong action of natural nitric oxide produced by male body. Therefore, effect can be felt only in case of sexual excitation process. That is, if there is a causative agent (be it anticipation of sexual intercourse or others). Otherwise, you just won’t feel any signs of change. But Levitra drug acts differently and you won’t need any stimulation.

Canadian Viagra should be taken with caution in case of:

  • anatomical penis deformity;
  • diseases accompanied by hemorrhages;
  • acute gastric and duodenal ulcer;
  • during first 6 months after myocardial infarction, blood stroke;
  • severe arrhythmias;
  • if your blood pressure more than 170/100 mm Hg or less than 90/50 mm Hg refrain from taking Viagra.

Canadian Cialis has minimal possible negative effects. This drug is relatively new, but thanks to its softness and security it gained preference among many men. Cialis effect lasts longer than Viagra and gives results during 36 hours. Active ingredient of this drug is Tadalafil.

It is not recommended to take the drug to patients with diseases of cardiovascular system, which do not allow sexual activity:

  • recent myocardial infarction or blood stroke;
  • second degree cardiac insufficiency;
  • unstable cardiac angina;
  • uncontrolled arrhythmia or hypertension;
  • severe arterial hypotension.

In addition, caution should be taken by appointing generic Cialis to patients with impaired renal and hepatic function.

Canadian Levitra is a means of improving erectile function. Levitra is phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor – PDE-5 – and serves as, already mentioned, for male erectile dysfunction treatment. During erection there is a process, which relaxes penile smooth muscles and nitric oxide is released. This is followed by muscle relaxation, causing increased blood flow to penis. Levitra (Vardenafil) function is blocking element that prevents sexual stimulation. This drug is also an excellent analogue of Canada Viagra and Cialis.

What are Generics?

Why are generics cheaper?
People certainly in the first place ask a question – «Why are generics cheaper than original drugs?» Significant difference in price can make you mistakenly believe that generic product is of low quality, but reason for low price is quite different. The fact is that original product manufacturers invest great research and advertising cost in their products. For entire period of patent the company will have the right for exclusive promotion and sale of their products. And thanks to high prices and, as a consequence of patent, lack of competition, the company covers its costs, which primarily related to advertising and research activities. And as company, that produces generic drugs, are not affected by these costs, price for generic drugs is much lower. Besides generics market is quite competitive, and therefore, price is also reduced due to large number of manufacturers.

You can consult your doctor / specialist about replacing your preparation by similar generic. Then, you will significantly save your money without losing a single drop in product quality at the same time.

Do generics look different?
Since generics sometimes differ from analogues in composition of some non-active elements, it can affect its appearance: color, shape, size or even taste properties. But this is just outer changes that do not affect active ingredients of the drug. Active substance is the same as that of original drug.

Are there differences in side effects of generic and original drugs?
Sometimes side effects can vary, as we have said, due to the fact that generic drugs can be composed of non-active ingredients that are different from original. This may be food colorants or preservatives. Therefore, always before you start taking a new generic drug, carefully read instructions, which will specify drug components and all possible side effects. It will not harm if you consult your doctor.

What is generic?
Generic is any drug which has a similar active components composition and equivalent therapeutic mutual substitutability with original drug, which patent protection has expired. As a result, generics are much cheaper, at the same time retaining all properties and effects of original drug, having the same reliability, security and efficiency. Because generics are manufactured in compliance with all standards.

Generic drugs popularization has a huge social, scientific and medical significance, since their use is available to many more people, because of their low prices. Statistics show that currently among all used drugs generics make up about 65%.

Based on all this information, it can be concluded:

  1. Generics are profitable. Generic drugs price is much lower than original drugs despite the fact that generics are just as effective as their brand-name counterparts.
  2. Generics have the same characteristics and quality properties, efficiency and safety as brand drugs. Generics always contain the same ingredients and components, contained in original drug.

Male Potency Restoration

More and more middle-aged men in their productive prime faced problems with potency. The most important «power» can leave you long before you become old. Often, only having faced with weak signs of sexual disorders, people go to the doctor. But more often, you can restore potency of your own, without spending money on treatment by a doctor. And there is nothing unusual.

erectile dysfunctionPotency Restoration at Home
Many will tell you that to restore potency by yourself is realistic and easily. The main thing is to take this issue seriously and bring treatment to the end, not giving up treatment in the middle.

What to do?

  1. First step. Give up bad habits and unhealthy, full of toxins and other bad ingredients, food. Smoking, alcohol, fatty foods, chips and other sweet «pleasures», unfortunately, have harmful effect on healthy body and this is proved.
  2. Second step. Use traditional remedies to enhance potency. If you do not have desire or time to prepare the drug by yourself – take treatment course with specialized drugs: Cialis or Levitra. You can purchase these drugs in our online pharmacy right now at very attractive and affordable price.
  3. Third step. Exercise. Special emphasis is placed on those exercises that stimulate blood circulation in pelvic area. This improves and positively affects potency. The simplest of them is walking. It is best to alternate walking with slow jogging. It is recommended to cover 3 – 5 km distance. In absence of opportunities for walking – march at home, standing still.
    Another effective exercise is called «keep the stone». Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent, hands on waist. Imagine that you keep a stone between your legs. Straining, rise yourself a little. Repeat this movement several times. This exercise trains buttocks muscles, during this exercise there is a slight prostate massage.

Be consistent.
The most important thing in complex of measures aimed at restoring potency – do not give up, the result is sure to come with time. Taking during home treatment generic Viagra, you will bring your partner indescribable pleasure. After some time, potency will normalize, and you will only have to find use for it.

Viagra in Bed and in Sport

It’s no secret that Sildenafil (Viagra) is a drug, that not only stimulates body to functions, but also a treating means that can save men from problems connected with lack of potency. What surprise people show when they find out that that is not all. This drug is very widely used.

Imagine professional athletes who are in constant pursuit of success and trying to increase their athletic performance! Their wages are rising, fortune is increasing and they are willing to take any possible doping, just to be successful and get on the podium. The same is with large corporations and companies staff. They use a variety of stimulants and drugs to get rid of attention deficit disorder or hyperactivity. However, it is natural desire of majority of people – to be ahead and become successful!

And when Canadian Pharmacy Viagra appeared on the market, at first it was used only for erectile function recovery and male sexual function stimulation. However, it was soon discovered that athletes are also increasingly using generic Viagra not in bed, but in gym or on sports field.

Sildenafil (Viagra) is one of the most popular and effective substances to increase potency and cure sexual dysfunction at men. The main function of active ingredient – Sildenafil – is blood vessels and smooth muscle relaxation and blood flow improvement, which gives excellent results in fight against erectile dysfunction. Vasodilators (type substances, which include Sildenafil) not only enhance blood flow in genital area, but also, for example, in lungs. Thus, lungs are saturated with oxygen more effectively by stimulating oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange, and this has a positive impact on sports results and achievements.

Brandon Marshall, who is known for playing in NFL claimed that large number of players take Viagra on regular basis to improve their sports qualities. Such statements were made as well by another well-known businessmen and sportsmen. Several times there were even scandals involving accusation of players who used Sildenafil. Of course, the drug has nothing to do with doping. BALCO founder (company that provides athletes drug-testing), Victor Conte, said that in fact, many, if not most athletes take this or that doping. And since Canadian Viagra is taken by a huge amount of athletes – it can also be attributed to doping substances, although in fact in its properties it is not a doping.

Initially, when Viagra was being developed, scientists were intended to make a drug, which would treat high arterial blood pressure. Later test results showed that Viagra is very successful in fighting against erectile dysfunction. The official patent for Viagra has been received in 1996, and it appeared on the market in 1998.

As it turned out – everything is quite simple.
Firstly, Sildenafil is effective in raising testosterone level. Scientist Matthew Spitzer, who studied Sildenafil effect on testosterone level, gathered a control group of 140 people, who have experienced decreased hormone background. Control group was divided into 3 subgroups. First group included men who took alpha-blockers. Second – ordinary healthy men who did not take Viagra or Sildenafil-containing drugs. Third sub-group included men who took Viagra to improve potency. Each subgroup received Sildenafil in different quantities. The first – 25 mg, the second – 50 mg, the third – 100 mg. During experiment, monitoring of hormonal changes was conducted. At average, testosterone level increased by 40%, free testosterone rose by 50% and DHT level was, as one would expect, logically dependent on testosterone level. As it is known in medical practice – muscle mass, body energy, and as a result, increased productivity and, eventually, improved athletic performance depend on testosterone amount.

Secondly, Sildenafil expands and relaxes vascular system, leading to improved oxygen nutrition. Experimental evidence of such benefit was obtained in studies in low oxygen content condition. According to the results it was found that even with reduced oxygen content in environment, athlete, taking Sildenafil, is capable of showing very good results. For example, according to experiment at Stanford University, where at altitude of 4000 m cyclists had to cover 10 km distance, Sildenafil improved time results by as much as 40%!

Summarizing, we can surely say that in comparison with anabolic hormones, Sildenafil has proven effective because of ability to increase testosterone level, as well as beneficial effect on blood circulatory system. Many bodybuilders also take Sildenafil, which is able to provide benefits. Due to the fact that the drug is able to increase nitric oxide level in the body, Sildenafil causes the so-called «pump-effect», which is very appreciated by bodybuilders. Athletes take Canadian Pharmacy Viagra before strength training to increase amount of blood flow to muscle group, which is subjected to a specific set of exercises. Generic Viagra reception improves muscle nutrition, as increased blood circulation is capable of more effectively nourishing muscle tissues, thereby increasing efficiency of muscle growth.

So, despite the fact that Viagra appeared on the market as a drug that to treat sexual dysfunction and boost potency, knowing people around the world use it for a long time not only in bedroom.

«Men’s Power»

With age male potency weakens. And it is natural. But what is age? It is not true that erectile dysfunction appears only because of quantity of years? What is needed to regain potency, even if you are over 50 years old?

What causes potency reduction?
We know for sure that sultans’ harems had hundreds of concubines and wives, but in fact these sultans were not young people. The famous actor Charlie Chaplin became a father in his old age – he was in his sixties. Why do some men’s potency preserves even in elderly age, while others suffer from problems with it, being very young?

Factors affecting potency are very diverse and some are not even related. Each case is unique and requires specific approach, sometimes treatment. However, there is a number of isolated major reasons which cause problems in sexual life:

As such, age by itself does not affect potency. Deterioration of body health is important in this case. To determine this criterion, such concept is used as – biological age. Its figures are calculated relying on tests that are carried out through comprehensive examination of the body. The closer biological age to your real age, the better.

Erectile dysfunction main causes:

  • importance and influence of first value for potency has regular sex life. We’ve all heard myth that abstinence is useful – no, it is not. Numerous studies prove that penile muscles, like any other, need training, preferably constant. In this case, not only potency improves but quality of sperm cells as well as their number. For full and bright sensations try to take Canadian generic Viagra before sexual intercourse;
    the next factor – sexually transmitted infections. And despite the fact that in these days of advanced medicine even gonorrhea or syphilis treated a few days, however, even after full recovery there is unpleasant mark in form of penis’s main function violation. And the more sexually transmitted infections a man suffered, the greater effect they have on his penis;
  • do not neglect diseases associated with sexual organs. Undertreated urethritis, vesiculitis, orchitis, prostatitis and other diseases will certainly have impact on sexual function and sexual desire;
  • bad habits have strong negative effect on sexual intercourse. It’s not just about smoking and alcohol addiction. Lack of sleep – your «favorite» and the worst habit of modern men, along with constant desire to be nervous. Be calm like an elephant and sleep like a bear! Nothing should disturb you;
  • only about 10% of men, having faced problems in bed, go to the doctor. Others simply neglect their personal life and withdraw into themselves. After receiving first signal, realizing that «power» is slowly decreases, contact andrologist. Specialist will appoint a course of treatment, prescribe Canadian Pharmacy Levitra, Cialis or other drugs. This is the only way you can preserve potency for many years.

What is Sildenafil?

viagraSildenafil is one of the most popular and effective substances to increase potency and cure sexual dysfunction at men. More than 40 million of people all over the world thanks to this magical «blue pill» regained joy of full sexual life. But this medicine was officially approved only since 1998!

How does Sildenafil work?
Sildenafil creates required conditions in male body for penis erection, supplying more blood flow to groin. It should be noted that stable potency is possible only in case of sexual stimulation, that is, just before sexual intercourse. Erection decreases naturally after intercourse completion. Time for potency restoration during active substances action (4 hours) takes minimal amount of time.
Ordering generic Viagra at Canadian Family Pharmacy online (https://canadianfamilypharmacycorp.com/), you will get this «miraculous drug» in no time.

Tips about Viagra Soft use?:

  • recommended single dose – 50 mg of Sildenafil (half a pill);
  • maximal daily dose – 100 mg (1 pill);
  • dissolved under the tongue 15 minutes before sexual intercourse;
  • recommended to take once a day;
  • with constant use of sildenafil there is observed a significant improvement in potency.

Where to buy Viagra Soft?
You can buy this drug can be in regular city drugstores or by ordering via Internet. We offer you to buy generic Viagra Soft online in our pharmacy. There are several reasons to do this:
buying Viagra Soft at Canadian Family Pharmacy, you can count on absolute anonymity and fast shipping;
our online pharmacy ensures that making order on our website, you get an effective medication to improve erection. Canadian Family Pharmacy offers drugs to increase male potency at lowest price!

Cheap Generic Drugs and Expensive Drugs Analogues

How to solve equation system?
Generics are drugs containing the same active ingredients as original preparations. Analogues are drugs which contain different active ingredients, as compared with originals, but are intended to treat the same disease. The word «generic» is not familiar and not understandable for many people, but it makes no sense to be afraid of it.

Analogue unlike generic is much more dangerous and, therefore, it is necessary to consult your doctor. But buying a generic, you can be absolutely sure that effect will be the same as that of the original drug.

Most often, such a difference in prices is observed due to the fact that it is much more difficult to create a drug than its generic or equivalent. And, respectively, cost for the drug will be greater. Also geographical location and production technology contributes to difference in price. All generic equivalents also pass examinations and tests and only then get product brand and its own name.

And as usually advertisement warn that drugs have side effects. This is true to originals, generics and analogues. So read instructions before use.

Getting Addicted to Viagra, Levitra, Cialis

We believe every man who takes pills for erectile dysfunction treatment or their sexual performance enhancement sooner or later asks himself: «Does Canadian Viagra, Cialis, Levitra or other drugs intake cause addiction?» This issue concerns not only medicines to improve potency, prolonging sexual intercourse, but also the majority of medicines in general.

First and foremost it is worth noting these statements regarding addiction are not confirmed scientifically. There is no medical and laboratory evidence that Viagra or, for example, Cialis cause addiction at people taking such pills. It is important to know how these drugs work and their operating principle.

Lets consider Sildenafil (or sildenafil citrate) – active ingredient of Viagra drug, which is aimed at addressing problems with potency at men and improve erection during sexual intercourse. Viagra is perhaps the most well-known and reliable men’s assistant in matters of impotence and sexual weakness. On Sildenafil basis a lot of Viagra generic were released, which are just as effective as original «Pfizer» drug. The same thing happened to other drugs such as Tadalafil (Cialis) and Vardenafil (Levitra).

These drugs description show that their action is aimed at improving erection and restoring potency in response to sexual stimulation during intercourse. Physiological mechanism of erectile function is based on nitric oxide in penile cavernous bodies release during sexual excitement. Nitric oxide stimulates guanylate cyclase enzyme, which leads to cGMP level increase, cavernous bodies smooth muscles relaxation, increased blood flow to penis.

From this information we can see that addiction, in particular, medicamental, can not be caused by these drugs, because effect is provided on blood circulation in genital organs, which does not have impact on receptors in brain. It is in the brain where various functions and processes are formed related to addiction, drugs tolerance and physical dependence on any substance. Drug addiction is caused by substances of narcological nature (such as antidepressants or sedatives, sleeping pills). In addition, drugs of narcological impact are released strictly on prescription and are under surveillance. No network pharmacy stores or online pharmacy will offer you these medications. But means that will help you to solve problem of erectile dysfunction and restore potency, can be easily bought.

As mentioned earlier, after all kinds of laboratory tests, no evidence that Sildenafil, Tadalafil and Vardenafil cause addiction have been identified. If consider that these medications (Canadian Pharmacy Cialis, Viagra, Levitra and mixtures thereof) have no serious contraindications and significant side effects, then we can say with confidence that by repeated or regular intake no addictive or cumulative negative effect arise.

erectile dysfunction

Yet not rare there are cases when a person says that he did not receive desired effect from drug administration again. The fact is that in addition to physiological addiction there is such a thing as psychological. It often happens that long-term administration of any medication can cause psychological addiction to it. This is quite a serious, but amenable to treatment problem by means of qualified therapist consultations. American doctors have carried out research on this issue: having interviewed 150 men who took Canadian Viagra, it was found out that at the beginning of reception patients took dosage of 25 – 100 mg, and after a year and a half they increased dosage by 50 milligrams. At the same time scientists could not identify relationship between frequency of drug use and dosage increases. Therefore, it is crucial, when choosing means to enhance potency, to individually choose pills dosage and not exceed recommended norms.