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Low Testosterone and Sleep Deprivation: What’s the Link?

Testosterone is usually produced at night in a deep sleep phase. During a day, when a man is awake, testosterone is either not produced or produced in a small amount. It’s important to create the most comfortable sleeping conditions for the maximum production of testosterone.

What Should You Pay Attention to? Canadian Family Pharmacy Advicesleep and testosteron: what is the link?Sleep duration

You sleep should last 6-8 hours a day. This is just an amount you need to sleep, and not the amount of time you spend in bed. Deep sleep is a time of testosterone. Scientists exploring sleep nature, talk about the 5 stages, the so-called sleep architecture. Basically, while you sleep you pass through the hour and a half cycles. The last 15 minutes of each cycle are regenerative portions of a deep sleep. In a deep sleep our eyes move quickly. That’s when we dream; as if our eyes quickly scan films projected inside. Deep sleep is also a part of the cycle with a maximum output of testosterone. During these intervals men have an erection which lasts usually 15 minutes and repeats throughout the night at the intervals of 1.5 hours. That’s why men wake up (should wake up) with an erection. Lack of sleep may reduce testosterone level and cause erectile dysfunction. The quality and duration of deep sleep also influences many things in the physical and emotional state:

  • Resistance to stress;
  • internal energy, including the production of sperm;
  • strengthening bones;
  • emergence of ambitions.

Any sleep problems may be deleted with the help of high-quality medications. You may buy Canadian Family sleep pills online: SleepWell, Anexil, Doxylamine, REM Again, Tagara In order to make a deep sleep much better, carefully follow the guidelines of Canadian Family Pharmacy mentioned below.

Eliminate noises

noisesThe maximum production of testosterone occurs in an absolute silence. If there are any irritants (some noise), the testosterone production is not so intense.

  • Use earplugs. Sleep in an absolute silence. Maybe you think that your bedroom is relatively relieved from the noise. But in order to optimize your sleep, you need to take the extreme measures and use earplugs;
  • use only high-quality earplugs, made of lightweight rubberized material. It is easily bent and takes the form of your ear. They can be found in most pharmacies. Do not insert self-made devices into the ear;
  • using earplugs, make sure your alarm sounds loud enough to hear it.

Eliminate light irritants

loss of sleepElectric lighting is a relatively young invention. For centuries, people went to bed when the sun was setting down, and woke up at sunrise. Now we can turn on a bright light at any time of the day. Our body has to get used to it, and this violates the internal rhythms. Our lives are no longer associated with the sunrise and sunset, the body suffers from an excess of light. It is advantageous for the production and the economy, but absolutely not profitable for the quality of sleep.

  • At night, the moonlight and street lighting penetrate most of the houses. There are a lot of curtains, blinds and shutters that can reduce the penetration of light into your home. However, the most effective method is a mask for sleep;
  • wear a mask for sleep. There is a difference between the dark and absolutely black. Sleep in a complete darkness. Use the opaque mask for sleep (you can buy it at any pharmacy).

Let your lower half of the body be naked during sleep

  • It is desirable that the temperature of men’s testes is optimum. Man should sleep without panties, and it is desirable not to cover the lower part of the body or not cover with a warm blanket;
  • it is not very comfortable to sleep naked if there are children in the house. Let your children sleep in another bedroom, keep your clothes near just in case or improvise and find another way out.

Ventilate the room before going to bed

  • Keep a room temperature 18-21° C and refuse thick blankets. If you wake up at night from the fact that you are hot and sweaty or you fold a blanket on the floor, this means that either the room or the blanket is too warm;
  • purchase a reliable electronic thermometer in order to measure the temperature in the room accurately.

Make sure that your room temperature is cool enough for you to feel comfortable

ventilate the roomWhy sleep in a cool room? Suppose that the temperature is too high (e.g., 27° C). Your body will sweat overnight in order to cool. This means that the surface layer of the skin will be delivered the warm blood, taking out the internal heat of the body. Now imagine that the temperature is too low, let’s say 10° C. In this scenario, your body thinks in the following way: “It’s too cold and you need to sacrifice such not important areas as the skin, fingers, feet, ears, etc. It is necessary to send blood inside the most vital targets – the brain, the heart and other organs, including the kidneys and prostate.” This is exactly what you need.

  • Cooling a room, you send blood to important organs, including glands, using the body’s natural ability to direct the flow of blood to the different parts of it. This ability of our body saves our lives, when the pressure is increased by the strong bleeding, and the blood loss is reduced at the loss of a limb;
  • obviously, it is difficult to expect a good night’s sleep at a temperature of 10° C. However, you can achieve the necessary reallocation of the body resources at a comfortable temperature of 18 to 21° C.

Follow the basic Canadian Family Pharmacy advice:

  • No caffeine;
  • no tedious exercise (sex does not count);
  • no alcohol;
  • no smoking;
  • no water before bedtime.

Caffeine, nicotine and tedious exercises stimulate the nervous system and banish sleep. When a man overeats, his blood focuses mainly on the gut, rather than serves the genitourinary system. In fact, it destroys the system of quality of sleep, known as sleep architecture. The same situation is when you drink a lot of liquids 2-3 hours before bedtime, be sure that you have to wake up at the middle of the night and go to the toilet.

Use comfortable mattresses and pillows

man and pillowIf you wake up with a bad mood, depressed and not relaxed, it shows a decline in production of the hormone at night. Sound sleep in a good bed promotes the production of testosterone, which restores and maintains the normal condition of the body. Do not compromise the ability of your testosterone, spending a third of life in too soft, cheap and old bed.

  • Invest your money in good, durable and comfortable mattresses and pillows. People working in the hotel industry, understand it and are proud of the quality of their beds. They invest a lot of money in the purchase of elastic and comfortable mattresses, which may even have a special thickening replacing pillow. It is not necessary to buy ultra-heated mattress that vibrates and bends at different angles, simply choose a reliable mattress brand that will serve you a long time;
  • Sleep on a bed of an appropriate size. If your partner often pesters you with “acrobatics”, get a larger bed. Pets and children also need to sleep separately from you.

Sleep quality influence other aspects of our health:

  • Metabolic processes in the body;
  • appetite;
  • weight;
  • memory;
  • concentration;
  • emotional health;
  • organ systems functioning.

Also, you may order testosterone boosters online at Canadian Family Pharmacy: Tribulus Power, Tribulus Plus. After creating all the necessary conditions for sleep, you will ensure yourself a good potency and production of male hormones, and you will never suffer from erectile dysfunction!

The article is released by Canadian Family Pharmacy professional team.