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Interesting Facts about Erection. How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Erection refers to a factor that reflects male mental and physical health state. Every man experiences erectile dysfunction of varying degree, at least a few times in his life. Disorders causes are stress, various diseases, problems in relationships with partner, troubles at work and others. Many drugs for potency increase can help to solve these problems. Some popular ones are available in Canadian Family Pharmacy https://canadianfamilypharmacycorp.com/ online.

Erectile dysfunction occurs at healthy men as a result of large amount of alcohol, drugs and some medications consumption, nervous tension or fatigue. Some men have a mistaken belief that erection can either be full or completely absent – that is, there is no intermediary between these states. But this is not true.

You can perform sexual intercourse even in case of weak erection. A man can achieve orgasm during sex with even insufficiently hard penis. If erection is absent as a result of alcohol consumption, there is no need to worry in vain, since alcohol inhibits erection at some people, while at others, on the contrary, increases libido.


Is it Possible to Increase Erection Psychologically?

For this you need to pay attention to psychological state. The main reason for lack of erection is stress. Therefore, you need to gradually improve psychological state: help a man in difficult situations, in different ways distract him from bad thoughts.

Erection is possible to increase with the help of other methods:

  1. Physical activity is essential for improving erection. Daily routine has to include brisk walking, as exercise prevents blood stagnation in pelvic area. Doctors recommend walking up to 3 km daily.
  2. Morning sex contributes to erection enhancement. In the morning, the body contains the largest number of sex hormones, so erection is the strongest at this time.
  3. Walking barefoot. Feet contain a large number of nerve endings, which are responsible for sexual excitement. Walking helps to stimulate these endings. This exercise should be done at home, it is recommended to massage feet with gentle motions.
  4. Regular contrast shower has good effect on blood circulation. For this you need to water pelvis with cool and warm water alternatively. This will lead to increased blood flow to penis, and good blood circulation in genital organs provides stable erection.
  5. Perhaps the most useful means for erection is regular sex. At the same time the body reflexively responds to stimulation. It will be easier to get excited again and again.

Physical causes of erectile dysfunction are connected with medical problems. There are various diseases that adversely affect erection. Such diseases include brain or spinal cord and nerve endings responsible for excitation injuries, blood circulation disorders, prostate diseases, diabetes. This list of diseases that weaken erection is far not complete. In this case, treatment must be conducted under medical supervision.

How to Prolong Erection?

Rapid ejaculation is an obstacle for man to getting satisfaction from sex. You can prolong erection with exercises for potency mentioned below. It is the simplest and safest of all methods. It should be remembered that skill does not come immediately, it will take some time. These methods are:

  1. Inhale. Premature ejaculation is often affected by stress. Deep full breath helps to get out of many complex emotional situations. The same thing – during sex. Disadvantage of this method is inability of some men from the first try to prolong erection, it requires certain skills.
  2. Pinching penis. For this pinch penis a little at the moment of orgasm onset and squeeze until this feeling disappears. This method prolongs erection and gives a lot of pleasure, because feeling of orgasm onset repeats several time during sexual intercourse.
  3. Pulling testicles. This method is applied at the last moment before onset of orgasm. At this time, testicles tighten and if to pull them, erection and sex will last longer.
  4. Changing positions also prolongs sexual intercourse as a man spends some time on it and is distracted for a while.
  5. Retraction. This is a difficult process which becomes effective as a result of some training. To do this, you have to train muscles, which are located between coccyx and pubis. To delay ejaculation you need to empty your bladder and alternately tense and relax muscles. For this method to be effective, you need to train muscles on a daily basis.
  6. A small physical action on the part of woman helps to prolong sexual intercourse, for example, bite. It should be not gentle but efficient and strong, but at the same time not very painful.
  7. Another method of prolonging erection is thinking about something sexually shocking. For each man these thoughts are individual – you can imagine that you are having sex with some of your friends, for example. That is, it must distract you from sex for some time and prolong erection.
  8. Such thing as condom also helps to prolong sexual intercourse.

Drugs for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

erectile dysfunction

Today erectile dysfunction treatment is carried out by using various drugs. The main cause of weak erection is lack of blood flow to genitals. Medications for erectile dysfunction treatment restore quality blood circulation in penis cavernous bodies and enhance erection.

These drugs do not harm male reproductive system, their effect appears only in case of sexual excitement.

Medications for erectile dysfunction treatment are divided into several types:

  1. food biologically active additives. They are harmless, but give little effect;
  2. PDE-5 inhibitors group. These are: Canadian Pharmacy Viagra (Sildenafil) (pills to restore erection), Canadian generic Cialis (Tadalafil) (drug to treat erectile dysfunction) and generic Levitra Canada (Vardenafil), which is used to stimulate erection. These drugs perform similar functions, but at the same time there are indications for their use by certain individuals;
  3. specific vitamins aimed at stimulating erection;
  4. traditional remedies to increase potency.

Difference between Impotence and Erectile Dysfunction

Male sexual failures have popular name – impotence. But it is a bit wrong. Impotence is a condition in which a man is unable to perform sex at all. This disease affects a small number of patients. Erectile dysfunction, when there are periodic or occasional erection disorders, is much more common.

Occurrence of erectile dysfunction is affected by a variety of factors: alcohol consumption, diabetes (learn more), mental stress, smoking, arterial hypertension and others. Erectile dysfunction refers to one of the most common sexual disorders among men.

There are some ways to prevent this disorder:

  • doctors recommend proper and regular nutrition, exercise and health monitoring;
  • in no case, do not use narcotic drugs; give up smoking and alcohol, or smoke and consume alcohol in small amounts;
    regular sex;
  • preparations for enhancing erection should be taken only after reading instructions for use, or after doctor’s consultation;
  • in case of injury in pelvic area immediately inform your doctor.

Every man needs to know about products that enhance erection. They include: dairy products, meat, poultry, fish, soups, vegetables, baked potatoes, white bread, beans, nuts, cabbage, carrots, pumpkin, dates, liver, oysters, bananas, chocolate, caviar. Vitamins A, D, E, K are considered those which also increase potency.

All medications for erection enhancement give maximal benefit in combination with healthy life style. These products you can obtain in Canadian Family Pharmacy products list online.