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Canadian Family Pharmacy Antibiotics : Friends or Foes?

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What are antibiotics?

Antibiotics are the substances that can kill or stop the growth of bacteria.  Antibiotics are used in the treatment of infectious diseases caused also by fungi and some other microorganisms. They are perhaps the most “controversial” group of drugs. The belief in their efficacy is comparable only with the conviction that their application would damage. Some people, having a positive experience of treatment with antibiotics, run to the pharmacy for “proven means” at the first sign of a cold, while other people on hearing the word “penicillin”, “erythromycin” or “biseptol”, speak about the inevitable dysbiosis and prefer to use natural methods even in the most serious cases.

Antibacterial agents help only in diseases caused by micro-organisms, but not viruses. It makes no sense to apply them in cases of influenza, SARS, measles, rubella, varicella and other “non-bacterial” diseases. Some people believe that antibiotics reduce the immune system, causing a variety of fungal diseases, allergies. Solid confusion exists with nomenclature. However, uncontrolled receiving or refusal of antibiotics often leads to serious problems.

Canadian Family Pharmacy antibiotics classification

  • antibioticsPenicillin derivatives;
  • Cephalosporins;
  • Macrolides;
  • Aminoglycosides;
  • Tetracyclines;
  • Fluoroquinolones;
  • Lincosamides;
  • Carbapenem;
  • Polymyxinmeans;
  • Antifungals.

Antibiotics are concrete

Only a doctor may prescribe antibiotics. Unlike most drugs, antibiotics are drugs of a specific action: each group or a separate drug is effective only to a certain group (s) of microorganisms – activators of particular infectious diseases.

How a doctor can determine which antibiotic will help? The most reliable way is to carry out a laboratory research: for example, to take a swab of the nasal mucosa, in the case of colds, and determine what caused the disease of the organism. Then it is possible to determine its sensitivity to different antibiotics – to choose the drug that is most effective. The problem is that it may take up to 7 days to conduct this analysis, but it is desirable to begin treatment as soon as possible. Thus, even when the analysis is already taken, doctors prescribe antibiotics based on the assumptions about the nature of the causative agent (based on characteristic symptoms). Or they recommend broad-spectrum Canadian Family Pharmacy antibioticsmodern antibiotics which are able to cope with almost any pathogen (unfortunately, due to the high likelihood of developing bacterial resistance to them it’s dangerous to use these preparates in all cases).

In the future, when analysis results are ready, your doctor may change the previously prescribed medication for another one, more effective. This will be done also in the when the effect of the first antibiotic is not observed.

Follow the regime

regimeThe regime of antibiotics intake is also important.

Canadian Family Pharmacy advises complying with:

  • the dosage and frequency of administration of the drug. Usually, antibiotics are prescribed as a “shock treatment” – to ensure victory over the pathogen at the first days of therapy. Do not be afraid of complications or reduce the dose feeling sorry for yourself or loved ones – the microbes in the infectious outbreak may acquire resistance, after t that you a particular drug will have no effect;
  • a constant concentration of drug in the body: if the instruction requires to take the drug two, three or even six times a day – this rule must be observed. If you miss the time – it will be useless to “catch” it in the future, the danger is the same – pathogens resistance development;
  • the duration of treatment. A very common mistake is the antibiotics cancellation immediately after the first signs of feeling better. Do not hurry to rejoice – the disappearance of clinical symptoms does not necessarily mean that the infection is defeated. We need to continue taking the drug for next 2-3 days – then you are guaranteed to avoid a relapse and do not leave survivors on the “battlefield”, that can later get resistance to all drugs in this group through mutation.

Antibiotics side-effects

side effectsThe side-effects of Canadian Family Pharmacy antibiotics is an important theme.

  • Dysbacteriosis that these medications cause is specified by side effects – along with the destruction of pathogenic micro flora, they also kill and normal flora of our intestines. “Free” place in the near future can be taken by aggressive fungi and bacteria. This side effect of treatment with antibiotics can lead to serious problems with digestion;
  • the use of antibiotics in the form of injections reduces the risk of dysbiosis, so in case of severe infectious diseases, intravenous and intramuscular ways of administration are leading. As for allergies – this is, unfortunately, an unpredictable reaction;
  • but an obvious “guilt” of antibiotics in the likelihood of developing allergies is not found – as well as oranges, chocolate and other allergens can’t be blamed for allergies development. So far, there is no evidence that antibiotics inhibit the immune system;
  • some antibiotics are not recommended for children (such as chloramphenicol, tetracycline and fluoroquinolones). It is necessary to keep this in mind when choosing your own medication to treat a child. Also remember, that refuse to help of a doctor in this case is doubly dangerous.

It is obvious that you should choose antibiotics with a great deal of responsibility – only in this case you will get the maximum effect with minimum side-effects. Fear of antibiotics can be fatal, so before you give up the doctor’s help and antibiotic therapy, think twice about the consequences.

It’s necessary to study additional information about antibiotics appliance: for example, antibiotics therapy during pregnancy.

Besides, there is a number of natural antibiotics, which may be beneficial:
Canadian Pharmacy advice: natural antibiotics

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