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Female Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual erectile dysfunction at women is a permanent or temporary state of inability to achieve orgasm or its premature termination, as well as maintain required for full sexual intercourse excitation level. Symptoms of sexual dysfunction can be both periodic and permanent, arising during each sexual intercourse. And in both cases a woman needs help of qualified professional. Canadian Family Pharmacy https://canadianfamilypharmacycorp.com/ can offer female excitement means at low price.

Some Facts about Sexual Excitement Stages

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It is known that initial stage of sexual excitement at women is characterized by occurrence of sexual dominant – a necessary component of psycho-emotional tension level. This step is based on psychological conscious can last from few seconds to two or three hours. In other words, from desire for intimacy realization moment to subsequent sexual intercourse decision. Sexual dominant duration is individual and depends not only on the partner, but also on sexual experience, as well as environment.

Female sexual excitation is accompanied by a number of vegetative reactions, which include:

  • increased vaginal secretion;
  • rapid breathing and heartbeat;
  • increased blood pressure, etc.

Thus, during excitation process female body is fully tunes into sexual intercourse, erogenous zones sensitivity maximally enhances, as well as perception of touches and kisses. In addition to enhanced secretion and vulvar lips mucosal swelling there also occurs vaginal expansion.

This expansion is the next stage of excitation, which duration is typically less than a few minutes. Finally this process ends in pressing penis. The last stage of excitation – orgasm which is accompanied by frequent and abrupt uterus contractions.

Most women’s orgasm lasts not more than ten or fifteen seconds. Its duration depends on environment and partners’ emotional background level maintenance.

Erectile Dysfunction Causes

Complete absence or partial reduction of sexual excitement at women can have several causes, the most common of which are:

  • stress;
  • nervous tension;
  • chronic weakness;
  • hormonal changes (for example, during pregnancy or during lactating period).

Psychological reasons can also include such factors as:

  • lack of harmony in relationships with partner;
  • constantly manifesting psychological trauma associated with previous sexual experience;
  • fear of physical intimacy;
  • psychosis, etc.

Many psychologists agree that sexual life problems are the result of psychological injuries obtained in childhood. For example, difficult relationships with parents, or broken family, first sexual experience far from pleasant may radically change attitude toward sex.

If a child is inspired from the early age that sexual relations is something inappropriate or sinful, subsequent sexual life is unlikely to bring desired satisfaction.

Moreover, the cause of sexual dysfunction may be presence of inflammation in genital organs. In this case, patient needs comprehensive medical treatment. Somatic (physical) reasons include:

  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • genitals injuries and deformities (phimosis);
  • previous surgery consequences.

Negative impact on female sexual health may also be caused by various medications, antibiotics, hormonal medications or antidepressants.

Sexologists include interpersonal factors to reasons of this unpleasant disease. The main factor of unsatisfactory sexual life is rare and irregular communication both sexual and non-sexual. Distrust between spouses, struggle for leadership in family, partner’s physical unattractiveness, etc. – these and many other details can be detrimental sexual dysfunction causes.

Sexual dysfunction consequences can be serious. The longer a woman will ignore the problem, the faster it will worsen, and the more negative emotions will accumulate inside her. Timely undiagnosed and unresolved pathology may subsequently lead to neural and various hormonal disorders emergence and development.

Disease Diagnosis

In order to determine the most appropriate and effective treatment, first of all, it is important to understand sexual dysfunction main cause and development: organic or psychological aspect. The main female dysfunction diagnosis problem is that not all patients are willing to contact a qualified specialist, preferring to ignore and conceal the problem. During disease diagnosis the doctor focuses on somatic reasons determination, as psychological aspects of the problem are more difficult to detect. In addition, to remove them it is necessary to adjust maximal trust-based contact with the patient.

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Female Sexual Dysfunction Treatment

Sexual dysfunction treatment depends on diagnostics results. Identified genital, cardiovascular and endocrine systems diseases require immediate treatment. If sexual dysfunction is a consequence of certain psychological problems, patient should undertake serious examination by psychologist. Treatment course can be accomplished with physiotherapy and medications.


All medications, eliminating lack of sexual excitement at women, should be directed to:

  • sexual desire increase;
  • erogenous zones sensitivity increase;
  • blood flow to vulvar lips increase;
  • secretion acceleration.

Along with efficient and effective generic drugs application, called Canadian Pharmacy female Viagra, experts recommend using special gels during sex, designed to narrow vagina. Especially well these drugs affect women with a large number of labors or abortions, as well as women struggling with being overweight. These gels have a narrowing effect on genitals muscles, bring them into tone, making maximally elastic and firm.