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Erectile Dysfuntion Guidelines by Canadian Family Pharmacy

All about EDErectile dysfunction (formerly known as “impotence”) is a very delicate male problem, which, unfortunately, becomes more common every year. Earlier erectile dysfunction affected men over the age of 40-45, but now the disease has “grown younger”, and young men under the age of 35 address doctors more often.

Of course, this primarily happens due to the lifestyle men live, especially in megacities. Constant stress, sleep disturbance, poor ecology, malnutrition, smoking and other bad habits adversely affect the health of the whole organism, including the reproductive system. However, erectile dysfunction causes are, in fact, numerous. Timely detection of the problem and proper ED treatment with the help of Canadian Family Pharmacy can fully restore potency.

Erectile Dysfunction Risk Factors

Depending on the ED reasons, there may be distinguished three erectile dysfunction types.

Psychogenic form

Most often this type of erectile dysfunction is diagnosed in men of a young age. In this case, there are no organic disorders in the structure of the genital organs and the hormonal system, male libido is preserved or decreased, spontaneous erection is not disturbed, sexual intercourse is fulfilled to the end. The main causes: chronic fatigue, stress, depression, neuroses, including those caused by conflicts between sexual partners; excessive alcohol, narcotic and psychotropic substances.

Organic form

A considerable number of ED cases are caused precisely by problems in the neuropsychic sphere of men. Most men think that erectile dysfunction is a problem that arises with age, but this is not so. With age, the number of chronic diseases increases, so, metabolic and other processes may be disrupted, which also leads to violations in the sexual sphere. Most “age” diseases are treated, and many drugs also have a negative effect on male potency. That is why men who have a healthy lifestyle from a young age, preserve good health and face problems in the intimate sphere much later.

The causes of this pathology can be divided into several large groups:

  1. Disturbed blood flow to the penis. This may be the fault of vessels atherosclerosis, vasculitis, thrombosis, varicose of small pelvis veins, angiopathy, which has developed as a complication of diabetes mellitus or hypertension;
  2. Reduction of the sex hormones level as a result of endocrine disorders. The main causes: thyroid gland diseases, hypothalamic-pituitary system dysfunction, obesity, congenital underdevelopment of the gonads, taking medications that reduce the production of testosterone, sometimes – sports nutrition;
  3. Diseases of the nervous system: multiple sclerosis, impaired innervation of the genital organs as a result of injuries and infringement of the spinal cord, tumors or displacement of the vertebrae, myelitis, stroke, etc;
  4. Diseases of the reproductive system. Recent decades have witnessed the number of cases of sexually transmitted diseases, often their consequences play an important role in erectile dysfunction development. Transferred operations on the genitals, trauma of the penis and its curvature (often congenital), cavernitis can also lead to this pathology.

Mixed form

Sometimes potency violation is a consequence of a combination of organic and psychogenic factors. Problems with potency of an organic nature is a huge stress for a man, as a result, the disease is aggravated by a psychological trauma.

Briefly about erectile dysfunction symptoms

What are the symptoms?

Usually man pays attention to problems in the intimate sphere. The organic form of potency violation develops gradually. Men can notice the following erectile dysfunction signs. It takes a long time to achieve the state of erection, in the end man has a situation when he can not achieve a normal erection at all. It is also impossible to bring sexual intercourse to its end. There may be a violation of orgasm.

It should be noted that with such problems occur at least once in men’s life, and this is not a reason to sound an alarm. It is a good reason to think about your health and consult a doctor when, in 25% of cases, a normal completed sexual intercourse becomes impossible.

Unlike the organic ED, the psychogenic form of erectile dysfunction in young men is quite frequent, the sexual act preceded by a traumatic situation suddenly becomes impossible. At the same time, memories of this event hurt the greatly.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Treatment of this delicate problem should be carried out by a doctor – the earlier a man consults specialists, the more chances of complete restoration of normal sexual function a man has. To appoint the right comprehensive erectile dysfunction therapy, the doctor, first of all, must find out the cause of the problems in the intimate sphere.

If the problem is psychogenic, the treatment is conducted together with the psychotherapist. In any case, a man needs to change his lifestyle. It is necessary to completely abandon bad habits and a sedentary lifestyle, you also need to increase physical activity, avoid stressful and conflict situations. The doctor can recommend vitamins, dietary supplements, sedatives, antidepressants, etc. See the best food to restore potency.

The problem of the organic origin is more difficult to treat, it depends the disease severity. Each disease (obesity, atherosclerosis, hypertension, infectious diseases, hormonal disorders, etc.) requires the appropriate therapy.

Symptomatic treatment of erectile dysfunction

ED Medications

In the 90s, the pharmaceutical market was introduced a drug for erectile dysfunction treatment, which just “blew up” the medical community and its sales cracked conceivable and unthinkable records. We speak about Viagra for erectile dysfunction. The active substance of this drug, Sildenafil, was originally tested as a medicine for the treatment of hypertension. However, significant results in this area could not be achieved, but the side effect in the form of a persistent long-lasting erection was noticed by doctors. As a result, Viagra has almost completely changed its profile, was successfully sold around the world, making millions of men happy.

The mechanism of action is simple, the erectile dysfunction pills enhance the flow of blood to the organs of the small pelvis, as a result of which, under the influence of sexual arousal, there is a normal erection.

Today, you can buy different drugs for erectile dysfunction in Canadian Family Pharmacy: Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, etc. The online pharmacy offers generic drugs of the best quality at the reasonable prices and free delivery. They are sold without a prescription, however, self-medication and abuse of these drugs is still dangerous, because they have significant side effects and contraindications. So, before you take the drug, consult a doctor.

Administration of these drugs for erectile dysfunction is very simple. Other non-surgical methods can be called quite specific, but they also “work”. Erectile dysfunction pills online is a choice of a modern man!

Canadian Family PharmacyIntracavernous injections

In some cases, men require an effective method of achieving an erection – making injections into the cavernous bodies of the penis. The doctor selects vasodilator drugs, which should be administrated just before sexual intercourse. As a result of the injection, the vessels expand, the blood flow to the penis increases and an erection occurs. However, not every man can independently perform such a procedure and there is a risk of unpleasant complications. This method is not recommended more than once a week.

An analogue to this method is the introduction of special suppositories into the urethra. This option is, of course, easier to perform, but also requires certain skills, and the drugs are not so cheap.

Vacuum Pumps

There are special vacuum-constrictor devices with the help of which it is possible to bring the penis into a state of erection. The device consists of a cylinder and a pump (manual or automatic), which pumps the air out of it, creating a vacuum. The penis is placed in this cylinder and the vacuum created causes the flow of blood to it. The penis is put on the silicon ring, which prevents reverse flow of blood. Erection caused by a vacuum pump lasts about 30 minutes. This method is fairly simple to use, does not have many side effects, but also has some drawbacks and contraindications.

Operative Treatment

Modern medicine has moved far ahead in recent decades, so, the in the majority of cases, it is possible to cope with the problem without resorting to surgical intervention. The main thing is to have patience and clearly fulfill the doctor’s prescription. If the erectile dysfunction medication and other methods of treatment still do not bring the desired result or a man diagnosed with a disease that can not be treated with conventional methods, the doctor can recommend surgical treatment.

Vascular surgeons can perform shunting of vessels that bring blood to the cavernous bodies of the penis, or, conversely, vein ligation to reduce the outflow of blood from them. However, as practice shows, the effectiveness of such operations is not high.

  1. In recent years, phalloprosthetics surgery is becoming more and more popular. Special prosthesis are installed in the cavernous bodies of the penis. Today, several types of such devices have been developed and are successfully used;
  2. Semi-rigid and plastic prosthesis (silicon rods implanted in the cavernous bodies of the penis) are more accessible. The first option is the cheapest, but at the same time can cause inconvenience (the penis is constantly in a state of erection, which causes discomfort in everyday life). Plastic prosthesis are more convenient than semi-rigid ones, as they are created from materials with a “memory effect”, which allows the penis to retain any position given;
  3. Hydraulic devices are the most technological ones. Special rods are implanted into the cavity of cavernous bodies. The pump, installed in the scrotum, causes a liquid pump into them. This prosthesis provides a controlled erection, close to the natural.

It should be noted that prosthesis of any type do not affect the function of urination and semen production, the reproductive function of a man is fully preserved.

Which doctor to consult?

In case of erectile dysfunction, man should address to the andrologist. If this advice is not possible – to the urologist. In addition, the patient is examined by a cardiologist, neurologist, endocrinologist, venereologist. The treatment can include surgical methods, as well as psychotherapy.