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All about Contraception by Canadian Family Pharmacy

Contraception in detailsMany women will answer the question “Do you know enough of hormonal contraception?” affirmatively. And if they use it, they will honor themselves a pro in this field. Like, I take the preparations a few years – how can I fail to know? Meanwhile, there are four very important aspects of knowledge which ensures complete safety and reliability of hormonal contraceptives. Canadian Family Pharmacy will provide you with the necessary information about contraception.

What Do You Know about Contraceptive Means?

Aspect 1. The validity and duration of administration

If you are taking contraceptives every day, you need practically royal accuracy and a regimen.



  • The woman needs to be more punctual while taking the mini-pills. If you remember a forgotten tablet, take it immediately. The next one should be taken next day in the proper time, and during the next week you will have to use additional contraception means. Remember that the “rule of the forgotten pill” while taking the mini-pills is 3 hours, that is, if you were late with taking the pill more than 3 hours, the contraceptive effect of the drug is reduced;
  • Suppression of ovulation when receiving a mini-pill is not completely but approximately 60% of menstrual cycles. Therefore, patients taking these drugs still can ovulate, this fact in once again emphasizes the need for strict observance of the mode;
  • Women have to take mini-pills constantly without making a seven-day break, as in the case with COCs (combined oral contraceptives). Duration of the mini-pill is determined by circumstances;
  • If you use mini-pills as contraception during breastfeeding (and this is the most frequent indication for the choice of the drug), a woman should choose another method of contraception (more efficient in terms of ovulation suppression) after the end of the feeding period. A woman may stop taking the mini-pill any day of the cycle;
  • If the mini-pills are chosen because there are contraindications to estrogen containing preparations, the duration of reception is determined by the time within which you want to protect, and health, which the doctor will observe. In this regard, we would like to focus your attention on modern contraceptive preparations without estrogen, which include modern progestin – desogestrel: ovulation is inhibited in 99% of cases (as well as COCs), “the rule of a forgotten tablet” makes 12 hours. Many women who for various reasons may be contraindicated to take combined contraceptives, take these modern drugs for the most optimal way, saving romance in relationship while maintaining the safety and reliability.

COCs (combined oral contraceptives)

  • cocsIf a woman takes COCs, hormones are excreted from the body within 36 hours. That is, if you do not drink the prescribed pill in a day, you have 12 hours to remember about the pill ( “the rule of a forgotten pill”). If you did not forget – it is wonderful: take it, and in a day – another one. If you missed this time, take the pill as soon as possible and use additional contraceptive measures before the end of the package. Also, a woman needs the additional protection in the very first week of COCs treatment;
  • The duration of COCs taking should be determined and monitored by your doctor. It is necessary to monitor a liver function, periodically do a blood test for coagulation. You may stop COCs treatment any day of the cycle. After stopping the bleeding must follow. This is the norm.

Hormonal patch and vaginal ring

  • If you do not want to take pills every day, you may choose the hormonal patch or a vaginal ring;
  • The patch is pasted once a week for three weeks with a seven-day break. The duration of its application depends on the same conditions as in COCs situation;
  • The vaginal ring is a godsend for absent-minded people. It is introduced into the vagina once a month, recovered after three weeks and set inside again after seven days of interruption.

Aspect 2. Contraceptives interactions with other drugs

As hormonal contraceptives are usually taken for a long time, it is possible that at some point they will have to be used together with other drugs. For example, antibiotics, anti-anxiety drugs, and so forth.

Which drugs reduce the effectiveness of hormonal contraceptives?

  1. Antibiotics: if you are taking hormonal contraceptives, and there is a necessary in the course of antibiotics, you will have to use additional contraceptives during the whole cycle – the best way is condoms.
  2. Some herbs, in particular, St. John’s wort and preparations containing it. The European pharmaceutical market represents a wide range of preparations of the herb St. John’s wort. They are used as a mild sedative and hypnotic. Meanwhile, St. John’s wort is able to reduce the effectiveness of hormonal contraception.
  3. Sorbents (eg. activated carbon) reduce the absorption of the hormones in the gastrointestinal tract, that means, contraceptive efficacy can be reduced.

Alcohol, though not a cure, can also reduce the effectiveness of hormonal contraceptives. Each person has their own individual response to alcohol, it can be expressed in vomit, for example. If this occurred two hours after administration of the tablet, it is necessary to take another one.

Of course, this is an incomplete list of contraindications. Therefore, selecting the drug with a doctor, you need to pay attention to his questions and take into account all the features of the organism.

Aspect 4. Contraceptives side-effects

It is necessary to distinguish between reversible side effects and side effects, which appeared as a result of improper selection of contraceptive.

The most common birth-control side-effetcs:

  • Nausea;
  • headache;
  • breast tenderness;
  • intermenstrual spotting;
  • a mood decline.

At the same time the reaction of each individual woman, of course, is impossible to predict.

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Important Additional Information

  • mini pillsIt is important to understand that the reversible side effects is an adaptation of the body, they will fade in approximately 2-3 months. If all the symptoms have disappeared, the medication is right for you, continue taking pills. If the side effects continue or your health is deteriorating, it is necessary to consult a doctor and change the medication;
  • Remember that the phenomenon of spotting while taking the mini-pills is, alas, the norm. The organism behaves unpredictably. If you are absolutely not satisfied with your condition, it is better to look for other contraceptive measures;
  • When receiving COCs, there may be found a decrease in sexual desire, lack of moisture mucosa, which sometimes causes discomfort during intimacy. Then you will have to use additional lubrication;
  • A well-chosen modern contraceptives do not cause weight gain (varying in the range of 2-3 kg are not considered to be increasing). Choose the most appropriate diet for yourself, watch your weight. You need to do this to understand the needs of the body;
  • Plaster and a vaginal ring cause the least side effects, as hormones elude the gastrointestinal tract and enter directly into the bloodstream while administration. Therefore, the effectiveness of the drug is the same at the lower dose of hormones;
  • If you have questions about which we have not mentioned, do not look for answers from girlfriends, mothers and grandmothers. If something remains unclear for you, study some more articles at Canadian Family Pharmacy. You will certainly find other interesting facts and articles concerning pregnancy prevention. Besides here you may not only learn the information, but also purchase the preparates you are interested in. After reading all the information, provided by our experts, you may consider yourself a pro in the world of hormonal contraception.

The article is released by Canadian Family Pharmacy professional team.