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Combined Oral Contraceptives by Canadian Family Pharmacy

CONTRACEPTIONContraception is the use of special contraceptive methods and means to prevent pregnancy.

Questions of contraception, in other words, protection from pregnancy, are of interest to both young girls and older women. Contraception is an important part of women’s health. Competent female contraception is an opportunity to plan not only pregnancy, but also your life: it allows you to give birth to the healthy child, get a certain independence and an opportunity to make a career.

The articles written by Canadian Family Pharmacy will help you to understand what is female contraception and how it helps women get a long, unharmed and healthy life.

Most often, a couple uses its own level of knowledge to choose contraception (prevention of pregnancy) and act at their own risk. However, according to the gynecologists, an important place in this issue is taken not only by the competent use of reliable birth control pills but also by their competent choice. The assortment of the contraceptive market is very large, it’s not so easy to choose the right medication, and a mistake can affect a woman’s health and her ability to have children in the future. So, it is better to go to modern medical centers, where gynecologists will provide you reliable information about the newest methods of contraception with their indications and contraindications.

The use of MODERN birth control pills from Canadian Family Pharmacy not only has no contraindications, but is also necessary for some women’s diseases. Modern contraceptives, calibrated and tested, provide a very high “degree of protection” from unwanted pregnancy and, as a consequence, from abortion. Abortions can have many unpleasant consequences – from women’s diseases to infertility.

The introduction of modern birth control pills is of great social importance, as contraception is one of the main methods of:

  • Preventing abortion;
  • Reducing gynecological morbidity and obstetric pathology;
  • Pregnancy planning;
  • Regulating population growth, etc.

Canadian Family Pharmacy does its best to provide the preservation of women’s health.

Contraception Options

what to choose?

The following contraception types are most popular today:

  • Hormonal contraception;
  • COCs, combined oral contraceptives;
  • Mini-pills;
  • Emergency contraception;
  • Calendar method;
  • Condoms;
  • Female condoms;
  • Spermicides.

The modern highly effective types of contraception include hormonal contraception, especially COCs. You may buy the medication online at the reasonable price at Canadian Family Pharmacy (Alesse, Yaz, Aygestin (Norlut-N), Femilon).

Combined Oral Contraceptives (COCs)

Unfortunately, there is no universal method of contraception, which would help all women. Each woman has her hormonal background, gynecological diseases, characteristics of sexual life and the desire to conceive. These and some other factors require an individual approach to the choice of method of contraception for each particular patient.

Combined oral contraceptives (COCs) are the most reliable form of contraception. With proper use, the effectiveness of this method is 100%. Women still use these tablets with caution – they re afraid to gain weight. Today this is already a myth. This information was valid only for the 60-ies of the twentieth century, when tablets contained high doses of hormones. You may find more information about the modern COCs, their positive and negative aspects, indications and contraindications on our site.

You can you buy hormonal contraceptives without a gynecologist’s prescription. But do not forget that hormones are a medicament drug, which should be taken according to a gynecologist’s advice, individual to every woman. In this case, the doctor can prescribe a special examination for you before choosing a drug.

Hormones – are they harmful? No! They are useful!

Hormones, in particular hormonal contraceptive pills, are often associated with a variety of adverse effects on the body – hormonal failures, infertility, malformations in children, excessive hair and weight gain and many other “horrors”. Information about the side effects of contraceptive pills can terrify even the most persistent representatives of the fair sex. In fact, now everything is quite different! We may talk about side effects of birth control pills with certainty only if they are taken not correctly (for example, incorrect dosage). In terms of reliability and safety, combined oral contraceptives (COCs) surpass even very effective condoms.

Modern pills against pregnancy contain female sex hormones, close to properties of natural, in very low doses. This type of contraception is absolutely reversible: the recovery period usually takes about a month and depends on the initial hormonal background and the duration. If you want to become pregnant, stop taking combined oral contraceptives and start pregnancy planning.

Why pills help to be beautiful

Birth Control Pills

All modern birth control pills have an antiandrogenic effect, so they have a beneficial effect on oily skin, excluding the risk of excess hair. There are also combined oral contraceptives, which have a more pronounced antiandrogenic effect. Such birth control pills can be prescribed to young women not only for contraception, but also for medical treatment, for example, treatment of acne.

During taking hormones, the metabolism does not change dramatically, but some women who use combined oral contraceptives, notice the following changes: mood changes, drowsiness, libido disorders, weight fluctuations, fluid retention, nausea.

It should be noted that birth control pills do not cause weight gain. A woman gets extra kilos from the excess amount of food. And, in general, hormonal contraception is very individual, so it’s impossible to pick up birth control pills, focusing on the effect they have made on others. After examination, the doctor may only suggest which combined oral contraceptives are most suitable for you, but the final decision and selection of the drug is carried out by individual testsr. There is no ideal or the best drug. New birth control pills does not mean the best, they are just “newer”. However, you’d better to start contraception by taking the lowest-dose of combined oral contraceptives from Canadian Family Pharmacy. Their safety and tolerability, in comparison with all the others, is higher.

Why COCs help to be healthy

When a woman starts taking combined oral contraceptives, her monthly hormonal changes disappear. The human body is not biologically adapted to long-term menstruation. This is the physiological orientation of our body, which is genetically adapted. And the constant fluctuations of the hormonal level have an adverse effect not only on the mood – this, by the way, is one of the provoking factors of the development of the genital organs cancer. At the same time, the great advantage is that taking a hormonal contraceptive pill for a long time, the woman creates a constant low level of hormones that can protect her from endometrial and ovarian cancer, osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer’s disease (Senile dementia) and other consequences of a lack of female sex hormones.

Monophasic combined oral contraceptives are preferable for contraception in most cases.

Beginners of hormonal contraception are usually recommended combined oral contraceptives with a dose of ethinylestradiol 20 mcg. As a rule, these are young women under 25 years old. Women over the age of 25 are prescribed COCs with a dose of ethinylestradiol 30 mcg.

How to take birth control pills correctly?

You shoud take combined oral contraceptives every day at the same time, preferably at night (to avoid nausea). The maximum interval between tablets is 36 hours. If the interval is bigger than 36 hours, the contraceptive effect is disrupted – before taking a new pill, you should additionally be protected by a condom.

You should take oral contraceptives from the first day of the cycle (the first day of menstruation). The usual rhythm includes 21 days of intake and 7 days of break. It is not necessary to take the pills exactly 21 days. If during the 7-day break between the packs the bleeding does not come, the next pack can not be started, you need to go to the doctor and find out the reason for the delay – pregnancy or excessive suppression of your own hormonal system.