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Canadian Family Pharmacy Levitra – What This Wonderful Pill Is?

Canadian Pharmacy Levitra is the latest scientific development for successful treatment of such disease as male erectile dysfunction. Creating this drug, pharmacists have taken into account all disadvantages of other drugs of similar action and obtained pills that very effectively solve problems with male potency. To date, Levitra is considered to be a drug that works ten times more active than famous Viagra.

What are Specifics of Levitra Effect?

Levitra main feature is quick action – pills begin to give a desired effect within 20 – 25 minutes (at some men even over 10 minutes) after administration, which is several times faster compared to other similar pills. The main component of this drug for impotence treatment is active ingredient vardenafil, which helps to relax male genitals cavernous bodies smooth muscles and widen blood vessels, which greatly increases blood flow to penis, causing persistent and long-lasting erection.


Experts say that with the help of Canadian Levitra drug men can solve two problems at once: get rid of erectile dysfunction and delay ejaculation, prolonging sexual intercourse. It should also be aware that Levitra does not affect men’s libido (sexual desire), sperm motility and ability to fertilize egg.

What are Levitra Advantages?

Generic Levitra is highly effective from the very first application, regardless of age and erectile dysfunction severity.
Eating and drinking alcohol does not reduce the drug effectiveness.
Pills can be prescribed to patients with diabetes, they also have positive effect on potency after prostatectomy.
Suitable for men aged over 60 years.
The drug can reduce rest and erection recovery period between sexual intercourses.
Canadian Family Pharmacy Levitra is well tolerated both at single application and at long-term regular use, without causing addiction.

Watch the video to learn about Erectile Dysfunction and Levitra pills:

How to Use and Dosage

Initial dosage is no more than 10 mg of vardenafil and recommended maximally possible dosage – 20 mg. The largest dose (20 mg) is usually given to men suffering from diabetes or prostatectomy, because initial dosage in these cases is ineffective. For elderly patients (over 60 years) half of initial norm – 5 mg – is enough.

Soon after taking the pill the majority of men (90%) observe normalization of erectile function. Generic Levitra is allowed to be taken no more than once a day. A man, taken one pill, may be engaged in «a pleasant experience» for a long time – 8 – 10 hours. It should be noted that the drug contributes to desired onset of erection only in case of sexual excitement. In absence of so-called «sexual stimulus» Levitra or its generic will not lead to erection appearance.

Levitra Contraindications

Levitra is one of few drugs for erectile dysfunction treatment with few contraindications.

The drug is prohibited:

  • to young people under 18 years;
  • to men suffering from cardiac, hepatic and renal diseases;
  • to men who have very low or uncontrolled increased arterial blood pressure;
  • to men who have anatomically irregular penis shape;
  • if you are hypersensitive to drug components;
  • when taken with drugs that contain nitrates or nitric oxide donators.

Levitra Side Effects


In case of hypersensitivity to drug components or significant overdose, the following side effects may be observed:

  • dizziness, drowsiness, headaches;
  • hot flushes, causing facial redness;
  • dyspepsia, sickness;
  • nasal hemorrhage, dyspnea;
  • vision disorders.

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