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Canadian Family Pharmacy is an online store having in its assortment drugs of various categories. This online pharmacy is suitable for all the members of your family.

Male Disorders
Men's Health

Men's Health is one of the main specializations of Canadian Family Pharmacy. We sell preparations directed to treat all disorders connecting with men's health.

Antibiotics Pills

Antibiotics are the universal and the most effective way to treat diseases having inflammatory, bacterial or some other character.

Women's Health Problems
Women's Health

Women's Health preparations have the main aim to sustain the general condition of women on the level. This category includes list of preparations possible to treat women's health-related diseases.

Antidepressants Pills

The antidepressants category includes remedies helping to avoid various mental disorders including depression, stress and etc.

Body Slim
Weight Loss

With this category you will slim and beautiful. Weight Loss preparations include not only medical preparations but supplements as well.

Eye Care
Eye Care

Eye Care category contains preparations capable to relieve the discomfort immediate. The description is given to each preparation for you to make a choice.

Antidiabetic Supplies

Antidiabetic remedies are applied in case of diabetes or some other of its manifestations.

Asthma and Allergy Symptoms

Different inhalers and anti-allergic preparations are included in this category. There are universal remedies directed to bring recovery.

Canadian Family Pharmacy wants to make sure every customer gets exactly what they came for. We offer great value for the little money you pay and work for you 24/7 for those symptoms to be gone in no time.

We always have the drugs you may want to order in stock to keep you happy at any time. We achieve that by working closely with the industry’s leading drug manufacturers, keeping tabs on every purchase made and guaranteeing its timely delivery right to your doorstep.

Canadian Family Pharmacy can offer lowest prices for best quality drugs you are looking for. We realize how important it is for you to be taking best quality medications, but we always charge you less thanks to our business relationships with leading drug manufacturers.

Canadian Family Pharmacy is a leading drug vendor that can offer competitive prices and individually tailored solutions, to make sure every customer feels better and comes back whenever they need any other efficient drugs.

Thanks to our comprehensive business strategy and long years of relevant experience, we are very popular with thousands of international customers that know a thing or two about online shopping for medications. We never stop expanding, developing and becoming better for our customers, offering more efficient customer care, safer products and easier access to prescription drugs any time you need. You can be sure your feedback is studied very carefully every time, because changing for our customers is one of the ways we ensure their respect and loyalty.

Canadian Family Pharmacy is a reliable drug vendor that you can always come to whenever you need any product with no prescription required. Our pharmacy helps you solve your health problems without charging too much money, while placing an order always takes less time than you were expecting it would.

Our customers know for sure they can always count on timely delivery of their drugs straight to their doorstep and with no delays of any kind. Our customer support is just as efficient, available 24/7 and always ready to sort out any issues that may arise. Our fast delivery to any country of the world is the third main ingredient that makes us so popular and so convenient to buy drugs from. We are ready to attend to any needs our customer may have at any point, finding the right approach to everyone and always giving you more than you expected. Your satisfaction means we have done everything right, so we are always looking forward to seeing you visit us again, enjoying most secure and advantageous shopping for medications ever.

Convenient and Friendly Service
Dr. Jerry McKinnon
Dr. Jerry McKinnon


Dr. Jerry McKinnon is a therapeutist having graduated from the Harvard University. He has a 15 year experience.

Dr. Mary Tangfild
Dr. Mary Tangfild


Dr. Mary Tangfild has 10 years practice as allergologist and has being working with Canadian Family Pharmacy for three years already.

Dr. Chris Taker
Dr. Chris Taker


Dr. Chris Taker is a cardiologist working at Canadian Family Pharmacy for 5 years already. For 10 years was practicing cardiologist.

Dr. Ruby Lowerance
Dr. Ruby Lowerance


Dr. Ruby Lowerance is a pharmaceutist. She is working for two years at Canadian Family Pharmacy answering all people's questions.

  • Ava

    Ellen Girls who have a husband (or boyfriend, lover (good lover – hi-hi) who took Viagra – what is the effect?:)) My friend tires out me with this topic, and she doesn’t have access to internet. Here I ask you 🙂 I have no such an experience – even if my husband will plan to take Viagra – I do not survive, please advise me better anti-Viagra :))) 11111 Loved women may replace Viagra for men. Da Viagra helps only when it is necessary. Ellen And how it helps? It is just said that it has great ganger on heart. Fatal outcome is possible. So she gave me a task to grapple with this subject. In general it is necessary Read more…

  • Shelbi

    Shelbi Simplicity of use, small amount of side effects, relative safety (not allowed for patients with ischemic heart disease, taking nitrates), efficiency of more than 80% – all this made Viagra a major means of erectile dysfunction treatment. Indirect evidence of this has become the fact that twelve pharmaceutical companies around the world produce modified forms of this medication. However, a natural question arises, is it really useful to have sex with Viagra according not to remarkable, somehow forgotten sensations, but to objective patient’s life quality criteria? Insider Well, my objective opinion is that sex with generics does not cause any harm, on the contrary, but on the contrary it helps men, because bad erection, libido disorders and other factors Read more…

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    Admin New studies show that recreational use of Viagra is rapidly growing among men under the age of 45. After analyzing approximately 5 million insured men, it was found out that from 1998 till 2002, Viagra use among men younger than 45 years old has increased by 3 times. These studies show that Viagra is taken for recreational purposes but not as a drug to treat diseases. Thus, this drug is rather referred to crack, heroin or methamphetamine category, than to medications. But let’s look at general picture. Viagra manufacturers make profit no matter how this drug is used. I haven’t noticed that Pfizer has ever taken some tough measures to restrict drug sale to young people who use it Read more…

  • Canadian Family Pharmacy, as Margaret Below said, is the best opportunity for people to possess drugs of high quality but of low price. I have made an order of anti-allergic preparation and is satisfied with the effectiveness of preparation. I become a regular of this pharmacy and continue making orders of everything necessary for me.

    Margaret Below
    Margaret Below


  • I face such a problem as erectile dysfunction and is glad I have a chance to make an order via Canadian Family Pharmacy. Viagra ordered there helps me to get rid off this disorder. I am again save and sound and enjoy the sexual life.

    John Mendez
    John Mendez


  • My newborn son, Marcus has suffered from asthma and I despair to find the preparation suitable for him because he has an allergy to flovent but Canadian Family Pharmacy specialists suggest me ordering ventolin inhalers which help me to stop asthma attacks at my child. Thank you very much. You have done the greatful work.

    Lucy Gram
    Lucy Gram

    A Young Mother

  • Jack H. has commanded the service of Canadian Family Pharmacy and have made an order of Levitra. His comment sounds like: “I have never felt the same as after Levitra intake. I believe I have made the right decision. People, make order of this wonderful preparation and thank Canadian Family Pharmacy. ”

    Jack Hawley
    Jack Hawley


  • Canadian Family Pharmacy is an universal store where you may find everything possible among preparations. I am constantly making orders because I have being suffering from diabetes for four years already. Drugs sold by this pharmacy helps me to decrease the glucose level.

    Jacky Brown
    Jacky Brown


All You Need to Know about Can...

What is Female Viagra? Canadian Pharmacy female Viagra is the best means in fight against sexual dysfunction at women. Compared with other analogues its benefits are invaluable. Effective and safe Canadian female Viagra allows by several times to increase patient’s sensitivity to external stimulation, as well as greatly enhance blood flow to pelvic organs, thereby increasing orgasm strength. It is used by women of different age categories. It is safe for health. Modern women should not only have time to perform duties of a true mother, loving wife and housewife, but also earn money. But where to take strength for working, cleaning, washing and cooking? Of course, due to active sexual life. Scientists have repeatedly demonstrated that sex is a Read more...

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Erection refers to a factor that reflects male mental and physical health state. Every man experiences erectile dysfunction of varying degree, at least a few times in his life. Disorders causes are stress, various diseases, problems in relationships with partner, troubles at work and others. Many drugs for potency increase can help to solve these problems. Some popular ones are available in Canadian Family Pharmacy online. Erectile dysfunction occurs at healthy men as a result of large amount of alcohol, drugs and some medications consumption, nervous tension or fatigue. Some men have a mistaken belief that erection can either be full or completely absent – that is, there is no intermediary between these states. But this is not true. You Read more...

Myths about Canadian Viagra

One of the most popular modern drugs Viagra Canadian Pharmacy was developed in the early 90-ies by specialists of German pharmacological company – Pfizer as a means of improving myocardial blood flow and lowering blood pressure. Despite the fact that this drug was ineffective for heart disease treatment, it surprisingly became useful in very different cases, penile blood supply increased many times as a result significantly enhancing erection. In 1998, Viagra Canada brought its inventors the Nobel Prize. Today Sildenafil (also known as “Viagra Generic”) is successfully used by millions of men around the world. No wonder that, as well as any outstanding discovery, Canadian Viagra is surrounded by many legends and speculation. Some of the myths are associated with Read more...

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Canadian Family Pharmacy spoke with eight men having no sexual dysfunction, but who, became interested in new affecting erectile function means, decided to use it for their benefit. They were healthy men who want to feel the effect of Canadian Viagra. They took Viagra online in the dosage of 50 mg, and that’s what they tell us about the Viagra impact. Bob, forty-five years, reports that Canadian Viagra online “works fine!“. But, his wife Betty said: “You cannot complain on this remedy!“. The first thing that Bob found, lying in bed after taking generic Canadian Viagra is “a pleasant feeling of warmth,” spread in abdominal area and gradually reached genitalia. Betty joined her husband a few minutes later – “fully Read more...

Canadian Family Pharmacy: Cial...

There are many situations in which men transfer their intimate failures to other spheres of life. As a rule, first of all their thriving career suffers from it, family problems appear, and friends often do not support much such a man. Considering all these negative factors, it becomes quite clear that to leave such a problem without solution and even more so to let it take its own course can not be done in any case. To solve erectile dysfunction in today’s world there are so many productive ways of treatment. And of coarse all men worldwide have heard the names of such drugs as Canadian Viagra and Cialis. It is interesting to find out which medical drug is best Read more...